You have to love bathtimes… its now my favourite time of the day! I say now like that because it wasn’t fun at all when Isla was a newborn. Having a newborn baby that wants feeding and attention and changing, when you are trying to look after your toddler whose in the bath and not quite old enough to be trusted in the bath on their own – its hard work!

I think I have got myself into a routine with it now and coping with bathtimes is much better.

I get Isla’s PJ’s ready and talc, towel etc on the bathroom floor and put Noah in the big bath and Isla in the baby bath. Until Isla can confidently sit up on her own, and in the bath, I am keeping them separate.

Noah is great in that he looks after himself in the bath now, he doesn’t require me or my attention like he did. He will play with all of his toys, we sing songs together and practice our counting and colours – which leaves my hands free to hold and look after Isla.

We love practising picking the right coloured letter or penguin or hoop, depending on what he has got in the bath that particular night. He loves choosing and you can see the determination in his face to pick up the right one and show me.

Isla is at a stage now where she can sit up in her whale bath and she splashes, and plays with bath toys, which is great, but the whale bath we have has a support for her back – which helps her to sit up. When I put her in the big bath she just wants to roll over and crawl around it and eat the bubbles. She is crawling everywhere and over everything at the moment. She is very amusing though.

I am glad that bathtimes are fun again and that Isla copes with being in the bath and the “waiting” period from getting out of the bath and having her last bottle is less stressful. I think she has got used to the routine and she clearly loves her bath, which helps.

Now to work on her sleeping through the night!!

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Last Update: Wednesday, 28th November 2012