A magical Shrek’s Adventure this Christmas

We went on a magical adventure last weekend when we visited Shrek’s Adventures. We loved it as we are huge fans of Shrek. Including Mummy and Daddy. I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside so I cannot ruin the surprise for you. But I did capture images before, after and our wonderful Grotto experience. This is the perfect treat for little ones, if you love DreamWorks pictures of course!

Shrek’s Adventures can be found along the River Thames, right next to the London Eye. It wasn’t difficult to find at all. We ventured into London on the tubes and the children found that lots of fun. On entering Shrek’s Adventures you walk down lots of corridors and wonderfully lit areas, its magical. Like you are in a set of a Shrek movie. That’s what I loved most about it. It looked real. It was done really well throughout.

You meet Fiona first, she introduces what the adventure will be and what we need to do. It’s then a case of walking and working out clues through the maze of sets. The actors were all brilliant and engaging. They interact with the audience and some of the children get to be a part of it with them. Some children were given items to take and give to other actors. It was very clever. One of the actors, the fortune teller, picked on Hubby and he had to do a dance in front of everyone. It was hilarious.

The interactive part of the adventure is the big red bus! It’s a 4D experience and was a lot of fun. We all sat in the bus, with no straps (so I knew we wouldn’t go anywhere), screens lit up all around us and it really felt like we were moving around. Isla actually clung to my arm and shouted “Mummy I don’t want to fall out”. Bless her. It just shows the magic is real.

There was another fun bit where we all had to make our way through a mirrored room. I mean mirrored. They were everywhere. The sides of the corridors were all mirrors, we eventually had to feel our way along the corridor to go in the right direction. That then led into a room where a whirlwind swirled around us, a gentle one of course. It was lots of fun.

I don’t want to spoil it for you though if you do go, so I won’t say anymore. But if you do go over Christmas, make sure you visit Father Christmas in his grotto too. It was the best grotto we’ve seen. It really looked the part and so did the fun elves. I was allowed to take photos in here and so I have lots. The kiddies loved playing with the pretend snow and singing with the elves whilst they waited for Father Christmas. They loved their teddy too – great present from a grotto. I hate it when you pay lots of money to take the kiddies to a grotto and you come out with rubbish. The kiddies were made up with their gifts! It was spot on DreamWorks!

Tickets cost £18.05 for a family ticket, this gives you the tour around the studios and enjoy the delights and surprises with Shrek.

I would totally recommend this with the family. There are other things to do nearby and lots of places to grab a bite to eat. So you can make a day of it and have an even bigger adventure. Thanks Shrek’s Adventures we loved it! 


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A magical Shrek’s Adventure this Christmas

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