6 Things to consider when planning to travel with a newborn

The most important thing when it comes to travelling with a newborn is safety and comfort (for them, not you). If you have a comfortable baby, chances are you will have a much more enjoyable ride. We travelled a lot when the children were newborns, including a holiday to Ibiza when Isla was just a few weeks old. 

The Weather

The first consideration, which can be easily overlooked as you run around the house in a manic state organising even the briefest of outings, is the weather. Some houses and apartments are well insulated, air-conditioned, heated or retain the cold and heat well, so it’s important to make sure you are prepared for the weather that is outside of your house. Once getting the baby all settled, you don’t want to have to dress or undress them once you get outside.


Following on from the weather, be sure to have a variety of blankets with you.

If the wind picks up or the sun clouds over, it’s important to have a nice blanket ready to go (and a spare in case that one gets covered in vomit.

One thing to consider when shopping for strollers and prams, is that you actually need a fair bit of stuff for such a small person. In a perfect world, all babies would come with their own personal pack mule, but the world is far from perfect so be sure to find a pram with a good sized undercarriage.

Change of Clothes

Speaking of vomit, babies love to vomit, and they never miss a chance to go for it while being held. So, without bringing too much stuff along with you, it’s a good idea to have a few changes of clothes for the baby (luckily their outfits are small), and a change of shirt for yourself. Those blankets you packed will also come in handy as replacement bed linen if the baby spews while inside their pram. 


If you are breastfeeding, you have this one covered and it’s one less thing to pack. If your baby is on formula then bringing two bottles ready to go in an insulated carrier (so they stay warm) is a must. The last thing you want is for your baby to be screaming for milk and to have run out when you are halfway home.

Nappies and Wipes

This is a no brainer, but one or both can be easily forgot in the rush of getting out the door. Bring surplus nappies, it’s always good to have too many than a stinky baby. And wipes; they work brilliantly in cleaning a baby but are damaging to the environment and contain chemicals that might not be the best for a baby’s skin, so use them as sparingly as possible.


Newborn babies are pretty good at entertaining themselves, but it helps to have a few distracting chewable toys to keep them happy. It’s also nice to have a special soft toy for your baby, and to take it with you when you go on outings, so that your baby always has their special little friend with them to make them feel safe and secure in foreign places.

There are plenty of options out there and the best way to choose is to find something that looks special to you. Keep in mind that the baby is going to want to bite and chew and suck the toy so you don’t want a toy that’s too hairy with fur that might easily come off, or that has any small parts. Also babies tend to like weird looking toy animals, so try venturing away from the standard bear.

The most important thing to take with you is patience.

It’s not easy being a parent and each stage of growth and maturity brings its own unique issues and joys. So stay patient, enjoy the moments, enjoy seeing the world with your baby, and allow them to remind you just how amazing the world is. A baby looks at the world with fresh eyes and sees wonder and beauty, try looking at everything from their perspective.


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Friday 20 October 2017
6 Things to consider when planning to travel with a newborn

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