Woodland family fun, in the beautiful sun

This week Daddy has been uploading photos to a shared drive, so I have come across some of our family fun moments that I hadn’t seen before. Along with the collection of happy memories, are these. They make me smile. I remember it like it was yesterday, the kiddies played hide and seek with Daddy and then pretend sword fights. It was a great walk. 

I just love going on walks where you find a great spot, for the light and space. It was one of the first times I had really played with Daddy’s “big” camera, the Canon, as I usually use my little Samsung NX3000. Daddy’s camera is so much better, the lens captures every tiny detail and I just love the end results. These photos just make me so happy. 

Country Kids


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  • That one peeping round the tree is my favourite, what a wonderful discovery to find these on your camera. I love looking back on happy days out like this. You do find the most beautiful places and your photos always look like you are in the middle of nowhere with not a care in th world. Family times like this are just the best. I hope you have lots of festive outings together, grab those sunny days and go for it!

    Merry Christmas and thank you for joining me for #CountryKids

  • Great photos, it is so nice to have a big camera to capture those moments. I am going to invest in a better camera this year…just which one to go for!

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