In the light of my new iPad purchase I thought I would do a bit of a techy post on the portable gadgets in my life; Laptop / iPad and iPhone.

The whole essence of portability is being able to get the laptop / ipad and iphone around easily, without breaking the prescious equipment and also a big thing for me is to not scratch it, with a little toddler running around, a cat and 2 dogs – I do have my work cut out.

So what do I do? 

With my iPhone, I always make sure that I have a case on it and that when it goes in the handbag, its either in an iPhone pouch or specially designed handbag pocket, so it doesn’t rub up against other things in my bag. Usually I will have it on my person, not in a bag – just in case!! The case I am currently using is from Bonusprint, I made it myself (as they say on Blue Peter, or is that just here’s one I made earlier!!) I had an iPhone 4 case printed up with a photo on of my little man, me and hubby from Noah’s first birthday and I love it.

With my laptop, I always carry it around from place to place in a laptop bag, to make sure that the hardware inside my lovely little pink Sony Vaio is protected, it doesn’t get scratched and that it keeps everything together. You can get very snazzy laptop bags from Concrete Cases, very stylish and professional for those busy business mummies and daddies.

and then my new gadget, the iPad… I definitely do not want this to get scratched (its not even been a week yet), I purchased the Apple iPad smart cover for this when I bought it at the weekend. It doubles up as a stand and is just perfect for using the iPad, it has a soft underside so it cleans the screen when covered and a protective outer screen; to obviously protect your precious little iPad!

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018