I get bored with the rooms in house easily. I am forever rearranging furniture, convincing myself that it will make me feel better. I think the actual process of moving it around makes me feel happier than the outcomes. Something I have come to understand lately is that you do not need to go to drastic measures to get that happy feeling. Sometimes all it takes it change one small thing. Like the curtains!

My uncle has just changed the curtains in his living room and it looks completely different, a lovely splash of colour and it really brightens the end of the room up. So I thought I would have a look to see how different curtains can bring that transformation to your rooms.

You can buy cheap curtains too, so this doesn’t have to be an expensive project. If you are looking for affordable options you can get cheap curtains at Yorkshire Linen from here.

Trying something daring

Bring some colour, or a vibrant pattern to a room to really bring out a change. If you have plain walls this can work especially well. I love balancing out neutral wall colours with vibrant patterns. I like to try and compliment the vibrant patterns in the curtains with something to match in the cushions on the sofa too. Or the bouquet of flowers on the dining table! You can get

Adding something decorative

When I was a teenager, for my birthday, my Mumma redecorated my bedroom and I remember it was full of my favourite colour, orange. I wanted it bright. I remember going to the stores and we found the most orangey voile we could see. I had orange curtains with big yellow flowers on them and this orange voile hung over the top. It didn’t do anything apart from look pretty draped over the curtain pole. You can do this with any curtains, or you can buy voile panel curtains which look lovely and you can top it off with a pretty valance. Although, I wouldn’t recommend these in a bedroom as they do not block out the light, or stop people from looking in!

The all important blackouts!

Anyone with children, or even light sleepers will tell you how important blackout curtains are. They are super thick curtains that block out the daylight through the window. Great for the long Summer days. Just because they are blackout curtains, it doesn’t mean you have to have plain ones. They come in a variety of patterns and vibrant colours. You could even make your own blackout curtains by putting the blackout lining underneath a normal pair of curtains.

Don’t forget the bathroom

One thing I hardly see is a nice pair of curtains in a bathroom. They usually have blinds or nothing at all, just the frosted window. Well, what better way to transform a room than adding a curtain to the bathroom. You will want something you can easily remove from the pole and wash as the bathroom accumulates condensation, which will make your curtains mould. So choose something like an eyelet curtain so that you can wash it periodically.

Do you have any nice bold, bright or patterned curtains? Do they change the room entirely? I would love to hear your comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 6th February 2019