Top reasons why you should look after your car in Summer

Just because it is not raining, icy or snowing during the Summer months, your car still needs as much attention. You will most probably spend more time in the car, going about places and making the most of the beautiful weather. To prevent you being stuck in a hot car, in the hot weather, I have put together this little basic Summer car checklist. 

Prepare yourself for the journey ahead

This might seem obvious, but when the weather is nice and you decide to travel across the Country to the beach – there are always things you can forget. There are a few quick things you can do to help make the journey easier: make sure you know your route, try practicing putting on the spare tyre in case you need to do this en route, keep bottles of water in the boot (in case you get stuck in unplanned traffic), pack some games to play with the kiddies in the car. 

Check your tyres 

Making sure your tyres are inflated, the correct tread and without puncture is essential for any journey. You do not want to be stuck on the side of the road in the Summer heat. Jet Wheel Tyre offers reliable puncture repair services, this is great for a quick turnaround.

Air con 

If you have air conditioning in your car, make sure there is gas to get you through Summer. Depending on use, this should be filled up once a year. You will tell the difference if it isn’t full as the cold air will just be room temperature. I had to do this when I first purchased my car, it also had something broken with it and it needed fixing. So always worth checking on. 

Travel at night 

One final tip is to travel at night. When we can, we travel during the evening, not only is it a lot cooler, there is less traffic and the kiddies can sleep en route. We did this when we travelled to Cornwall once, it took us 7 hours during the daytime and only 4 on the way back. It makes such a difference. Sometimes this isn’t possible, or you are just too tired to drive at night, but it’s definitely worked for us when we have long Summer journeys to do. 


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Top reasons why you should look after your car in Summer

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