Tips to help mothers decide whether to repair or replace appliances

If you are a savvy shopper, aside from considering the cost of an appliance solely, you’ll also keep in mind the additional costs of keeping your appliances in the best condition, such as maintenance time. Therefore, you’ll understand, the better maintenance you apply to your appliances the longer they’ll last and the more you’ll get out of your purchase.

Although, as with most things with time appliances in your home will break or become temperamental. Therefore, you’ll need tips to help you decide what the best option is between repairing and replacing appliances for your home.

Talking honestly about cost

A good conversation to have as a family unit can be about how you can cut down on bills to make your family life easier.

Normal costs that can be decreased come from school fees, food bills or even household bills, although these are controllable and aren’t as detrimental as unexpected costs.

Appliances fall under the category of unexpected bills as appliance owners tend to keep their appliances well maintained. When their appliances are temperamental it normally comes at the worst times and the thought of an impending cost will most likely worsen your mood. 

When general maintenance isn’t enough, and you are faced with the decision on whether to have an appliance repaired or replaced. It’s good to have some advice to help with making your decision.

According to a Which report, on average, 90% of 11,374 appliance owners have chosen to have their appliances repaired over replacing them.

Based on these results it can be said repairs are a popular choice amongst UK households.

We will now break key things to consider the benefits of repairs.

Is it under Warranty?

Warranty should be an influential factor when deciding to have your appliance repaired. If you check your user manual and do find your appliance to still be under warranty, it should be a very small cost to get a replacement. Although with appliances tending to last longer than statutory rights (6+ years), the cost of repairs for most owners is still usually the best choice for owners out of warranty and past statutory rights.

Avoiding an unconventional hidden cost?

Many homeowners and renters alike put time and effort into the style of their kitchen.

The cost of replacing an appliance isn’t always as transparent as it appears as you should take into consideration, the style of your kitchen as not all new models will fit your cabinetry space. The costs of having to fix this along with replacing the model would be significantly more expensive than a repair.

So, it’s a good idea to decide if a repair would be a cheaper solution and would it allow you to keep the style of your kitchen to the same high standard that you’ve chosen, as opposed to a new model which might not suit the dynamics of your kitchen.

Do you have a specialist product?

Our last factor to consider when keeping costs to a minimum can come down to the brand your appliances falls under. You should find out if your appliances require a specialist to repair it, such as Service Force who are Zanussi appliance repair specialists. Trying to reduce costs by having appliances which fall under this category repaired by a none certified repairman can end up costing you more over the long run as the possible damages they could apply to your appliance would outweigh any saving you could make by going down that route.

Deciding between having your appliance repaired or replaced comes down to you, be sure to make the decision rationality and consider what you can afford to do at the present time as opposed to going for an option that won’t be cost effective for you. 


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