The north of Singapore welcomes you

Singapore is known to be the oasis in all of Asia that Westerners flock to. My sister is going in a few days, how exciting! It’s incredibly popular because it’s so modern. One might even dare enough to call it a modern Atlantis because it’s really a floating city. It has one of the highest wealth per capita ratings in the world. It’s not surprising to see why either because the business, banking and export markets are huge. Although the population is just 5.7 million the overall GDP is a staggering $600 billion. The only other country that beats it to the top spot for wealth per capita is Monaco which has the highest concentration of billionaires anyway. Surely it’s not just all about the money right? Well, you’re right. Unlike Monaco which is tiny, Singapore is actually a land which you can live in, start a family, and really chase success in your career. The majority of all this happens in the south of the city, because that’s where all the major ports and attractions are. However the north is more residential and easy-going.

A cross between NJ and Japan

If you were to go down into the center of the city, you will find a typical hustle and bustle which you would in any major capital. You could forget where you are for a second and think you’re in Tokyo, Paris, Madrid or Washington D.C.. This is because there are skyscrapers which reach for the clouds, commercial office buildings which light up all night long as people work but also many attractions that embody all the colors of the rainbow. Yet when you travel to Woodlands in Singapore, you get a cross between New Jersey and Japan. The apartment buildings are surrounded by parks, but you also have main roads and an above ground metro line. If you have come to explore Singapore but you really don’t want to be woken up in the middle of the night by cars honking down in the streets, consider a hdb for rent in Singapore. Check out Sin Ming Avenue where they have modern apartments which have Western decor. They also have 3 bedrooms as standard and 2 bathrooms. So you can bring along your whole family for your travels. It’s quiet at night and easy going during the day. You can get in a morning jog before you go off exploring or take a nighttime stroll to walk off a dinner.

Off to eastern Mandai

Mandai is a county in Singapore that is neatly placed in the middle of the northern half. It’s where the majority of the green land is, which makes it a great place to have an adventure. Unlike the city, this county offers different attractions that are more so for those that want to see the hidden parts of the city-state. One of those attractions is the Singapore Zoo. it’s right in the heart of the Upper Seletar Reservoir which is often used to water the surrounding landscape. Here you will find elephants, white tigers, peacocks, lemurs, howler monkeys and a whole range of other animals. You don’t normally see these amazing creatures on brochures for Singapore but yes, even in this large concrete jungle there is amazing wildlife on show.

Right next to the zoo is the Night Zoo. Here are where all the nocturnal animals are and yes, it’s open during the night. It’s one of the best attractions in all of Singapore but because it’s not in the city, it’s often only visited by the locals. However if you know your stuff and have done some research you’ll know that this is one of the places you have to see before you take the flight home. Giant pythons, lizards and insects are kept here so if you are into these kinds of creatures and creepy crawlers then you should make time to explore the Night Zoo.

Some speed and remembrance

Sungei Kadut is a little more to the east of Mundai, but it’s got it’s own things to explore. Singapore often has some interesting facts about its history and one of them is the sacrifice that British soldiers made during World War I and II. The Kranji War Memorial remembers 1.7 million Commonwealth men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that the world may not fall into a deep, bloody, horrifying darkness. Here many different dead are buried from all kinds of operations and battles that took place in both world wars, ranging from Monte Cassino, Arnham and Normandy to name a few. White, black, Asian and many other soldiers have their names etched in stones and from time to time their graves are paid homage by the British Royal Family here as well. If you have someone on your family that fought in the wars, you can come and pay your respects here during the day.

Just to the north is the KF1 Karting Circuit where you can rent karts for the day and go racing. There are instructors at the circuit who will teach you the basics and advanced techniques if you have the time to learn. However they also have beginner karts that don’t go too fast and handle very good to help you get around the corners without too much trouble. Take the whole family out here for the day and see who wins the most races. At the circuit there is also a cafe where you can get something to eat and buy some refreshments as well to stay fresh throughout the day. The circuit is also just off a main highway known as Turf Club Avenue so you can get to and from the location pretty easily.

Singapore has some of the most amazing attractions in the world. Not least is the incredibly skyline which lights up at night but for those that want to take it slow and explore outside of the city center, check out these things. Go to see the Night Zoo especially as there aren’t many zoos in the world that are open during the night especially.

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