The 14 day cleaning challenge Day 5 #14daystoatidyhome

Domu, VonHaus, have challenged me to a 14 day cleaning challenge covering a wide range of activities across the home. Resulting in a nice tidy house at the end of it. I love a challenge and this one is perfect for right now as our house is all upside down and needs a good clean. Here is day 5…

Day 5

Move the furniture and hoover those hard to reach areas of your home.

This is something that I do not do very often, but it feels so good when I do. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post our new living room carpet (I say new it’s new to us but came with the house) shows up every little bit of pet hair. Which is frustrating but at the same time great as I keep it cleaner. Thankfully with the house move last month, we have done a big clean around the furniture. So I did a quick move by getting behind the sofa and under the dining table.

It’s amazing how different the living room looks when the carpet is nice and clean. Look at all of that fur in the vacuum? That’s just from the living room and a day’s worth!

How often do you move your furniture out of the way to vacuum behind it? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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