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Noah's Potty Diary – Day 1

I have heard many stories from people’s potty training efforts and also have been informed on many occasion that boys are always harder to teach. So I have waited until now, he is 2 and a half and is showing some very encouraging signs:

  • He loves wiping his bottom and putting the paper in the loo and flushing. 
  • He always tells Mummy & Daddy what they are doing on the loo if he’s watching.
  • He takes his nappy off himself.
  • He is very aware of when Isla’s nappy is being changed and watches like a hawk. Telling me what she has done each time.
  • When we change his nappy, he always tells us that he is putting on a clean nappy.
  • He 90% of the time tells us he has done a poop and that he needs cleaning.
  • We have naked time after bath and he has done a poop on the floor before – unphased by what he had done.
  • He knows what the potty is and has been sitting on the potty before bathtime for a few months without a fuss.

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