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39 week midwife check


It was the first appointment this pregnancy that Daddy was able to make, due to times of appointments and Daddy’s new job (since Noah) it’s made it hard for him to be involved. But it was nice to have him there, it almost made me feel calmer and more relaxed. Not that he does anything apart from be there, but it was nice seeing his beaming smiles as the midwife said things.

Everything is great and on target, measurements are fine, heartbeat was fine and position of lil monkey hasn’t changed- still head down, back and bum to right, limbs to the left. Which is where I get most movement, as you can see from photo. She still thinks heartbeat sounds like the sex she guessed 2 weeks ago and time before that. No change there and Daddy’s face lit up the room when she said that.

Baby’s head is more engaged now and she said its not as free, which would explain the horrid pain I’ve had over the past 2 days when walking. Complete uncomfort, stinging sensations and
The achyness. But as I keep telling myself it won’t be long!

Shes booked in for a 41 week check and I do hope that we don’t make it. I’ll be hugeeeee and at this rate not walking. Especially if this stinging keeps up…

Fingers crossed baby is nice to mummy this time around 🙂

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