I am really enjoying #SnapHappyBritMums as I love taking photos, I think its great BritMums are running a fun daily photography themed challenge. Every day there is a new prompt for a photo with a new theme and you take a photo to represent your “interpretation” of that theme. It is great seeing everyone’s different ideas. Just search on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #SnapHappyBritMums!

Today’s theme is…


Today I cheated taking the little ones to nursery, we did our usual walk to the front gate and then we got in the car – I know, really lazy, but Noah loves his new car seat and Mummy’s new car so it’s not so bad. Noah’s racing car came in the bath with them tonight, Noah thought it was hilarious zooming the car around. I took some photos and then Daddy surprised him as he jumped into the bathroom. His face made me happy… The car was in focus too!


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Last Update: Monday, 9th September 2013