As a mum, you may well be in primary command, for better or for worse, of how your house develops into a home. This role can have its downsides, but it also allows you the imaginative and creative freedom to do something a little different with floors, walls, rooms and furniture. Your priorities are likely to be twofold: to create the best space for your children to grow up in while at the same time keeping things as stylish as possible. Here are some tips, therefore, for creating the sort of interior that’s both safe and sleekly stylish.


Most houses enjoy a combination of warm carpeted areas and wooden floors that are quickly cleaned while looking fabulous. You may ask – how do I keep my wooden floors looking good? For the answer, turn to floor sanding, and it’ll remove any splinters or uneven surfaces that might bring harm to your children, too. Child-friendly carpets, meanwhile, should be darker in colour to avoid spillage stains, while matching the beautiful interior of your home.


A house is nothing without the furniture you choose to fill it with. From children’s bunk beds to L-shaped family sofas, you’ll be able to combine style with family-friendly elements so that your house is to your taste and tailored to the presence of kids. It’s a good idea to avoid sharp-cornered tables and heavy wardrobes that aren’t affixed to a wall, as these can cause accidents when kids are running around in the house. Be smart with your choice of furniture to avoid any household injuries.


The kitchen is where you’ll cook up family meals and entertain friends, and is chock-full of expensive items. Toasters, kettles, microwaves and fridges come in such variety that you’ll never be short of an appliance that meets your exact tastes – and as a rule, the more you spend, the more reliable the product in terms of both longevity and its potential to cause harm to children. With small kids especially, it’s useful to have all your appliances raised on countertops or fitted into draws and cupboards to avoid their being tampered with – dangerously otherwise – by your little terrors.


There’s plenty one can do to restyle their bathroom with children in mind. Whether your house is a one-bathroom establishment or you’re lucky enough to have the pick of two or three, there’s likely to be one in particular that you wish to tailor towards your children, with their products, bath toys and potties inside. Making your bathroom child-friendly might involve buying sensible storage for these items, or perhaps installing a non-slip floor and stool for them to reach the sink or toilet will ensure your children’s safety when they pop to the loo.

As a parent running a household, there’s no need to compromise on style to look out for the safety of your children – simply hold these tips in mind as a guide so that when you adapt your house, you’re adhering to your taste while assuring peace of mind that your kids will be safe at home.



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Last Update: Sunday, 25th March 2018