Simple ways to build your child’s self confidence

Parents want the best for their children in every aspect of life. Whether that’s promoting future success, happiness at school or in the friendships they make along the way, each stage is critical for their personal development. A great way to promote this development is by helping them to discover their own confidence and self-esteem. By building this, they begin to develop methods to confidently problem solve and make informed decisions based on experiencesand knowledge gained. At each stage of their life, boosting this self-confidence is key to getting them through each aspect of their growth as a person.
To support your child through each stage, check out these simple ways to build their confidence in a constructive and supporting way.  

Offering your child choices 

Making your child feel empowered by giving the option of choice is a great way to make them feel confident in the decisions they make. It could be something as simple as what breakfast they want in the morning or what piece of clothing they’d like to wear for the day that could help build this confidence in their choice. It’s also essential in these cases to present a preselected amount of choice, as initially just let them run free with everything you have on offer could lead to time wasting and indecisiveness, which could, in fact, make them question their choices.

Assign age-appropriate chores

When you think back to your childhood, you’ll probably remember doing some things around the house to help your parents. However small they were, this could also help your child take on some responsibility and assist them with their problem-solving. Setting age-appropriate chores such as helping to wash the dishes or just making their bed can help boost their feelings of competency. Even when children are young, they often like to help with cooking or setting the table so encouraging this contribution is excellent for their self-esteem.

Encourage development at school

School is a huge part of their life and encouraging a happy journey in this stage of development is crucial for the decisions they make in later life. Choosing schools can be a daunting task too, but an example of establishments where they encourage a healthy and happy balance when learning is the independent Salcombe Private Preparatory School, North London. This choice is essential for making your child’s experience a great one and can offer you the support to help them continue their learning at home also.

Support their interests

Sometimes a child’s interest’s change like the weather but supporting them through these different activities and hobbies offers support for them to take them through to completion. Helping them stick to any new interests can ensure they see the worth of what they are doing from start to finish. Unless an interestis starting to make them unhappy, seeing it through to the end is a great way to give them the chance to explore things they like and dislike for future decision-making.


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  • Wise Ways
    April 25, 2018

    Some fab ideas there thanks

Tuesday 24 April 2018
Simple ways to build your child’s self confidence

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