Shopping for style without breaking the bank

Shopping is one of the most enjoyable times you could indulge in (assuming you have money) but we can get easily carried away. In fact, it’s entirely possible to go on a spending spree and come back with plenty of new garments yet still have enough cash left over to get home. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you make the most of your next big shopping spree so you can look stylish without making a huge dent in your wallet.


Try and avoid the trends

One of the biggest problems in fashion (at least, for us budget-oriented folks) is the number of trends we see on social media. Whether it’s the latest collaboration between two major designers or a new seasonal collection that is sure to take the fashion industry by storm, fashion trends can make us spend a ludicrous amount of money. A good way to avoid this is to simply avoid those big name brands and go for the smaller, cheaper brands. The items they sell are equally as good and you can walk out of a high street clothing store with several items for the price of a single high-end shirt.

Define your own style

Don’t be afraid to wear items that you personally feel are comfortable. Whether it’s certain colours you enjoy or patterns that you find attractive, wear clothing that suits your personal style. If people question your clothing choices, then ignore them unless they offer constructive criticism. However, this isn’t likely because fashion and style are personal to you, so unless they’re giving you tips on how to win a fashion competition, it’s probably a load of rubbish.

Don’t be afraid of sales

When a store is having a sale, don’t be afraid to take a look. A sale usually isn’t a sign that the clothing brand is failing or the store is going out of business. Sales usually take place when stores need to shift stock to make way for a new collection. This means you can pick up the previous collection’s items for a lower price and you may find some gems!

Consider purchasing online

Online boutiques such as Verge clothing are great places to look for clothing if you don’t have many clothing stores near you or if you’d prefer to find something specific. This should cut down on the amount of time you spend browsing (or increase it, seeing as there are hundreds of online stores that ship anywhere in the world) and you might find far better deals on the internet than you would in retail stores.

Thrift stores are gold mines

Lastly, make sure you take a stroll through your local thrift stores. It might sound strange shopping from thrift stores because of all the various sizes, but you could pick up some vintage pieces of clothing if you’re willing to look around. If you enjoy older styles, then thrift stores will become your favourite place to shop at.

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