Saving space in your little ones bedroom

As any parent will relate, keeping the kids toys tidy in the house can be hardwork. Making sure you have the right storage options and also making sure the toys are accessible to the children. We decided bunk beds saved us the best amount of space at the moment, as the children share a room. When we buy our own house and the children have their own bedrooms, this will not be the case. So I am starting to look at options that will be perfect for saving space. 

Saving space in your little ones bedroom is the perfect opportunity to be creative and make use of the different types of furniture out there. I love the pretty bed designs you can get, I really wish the dwell bed (above) was available when I was a child. 

The right bed

Cabin beds, or highsleepers are a great way of saving space. Having a sleeping area at the top bunk and a desk/sitting area at the bottom bunk. I think as the children get older these kinds of beds are perfect, a study area for homework and researching on their tablets and a nice comfy sofa area to read or chat to their friends. The bottom bed is also a great space for when friends sleep over – something we haven’t done yet with Isla. 

Under bed storage 

Making use of the space under the bed is another great space saving idea. We have special storage boxes for under the bed, they are flat and quite wide. We keep the children’s bedding in one and toys that are not played with very often in another. These come in really handy for hiding things out of the way and keeping the dust off of them. We have them under our bed too!

Getting creative 

We have some very cool storage in our house, the LEGO boxes for one. They stack on top of each other and some are drawers, which is great for the loose bits of LEGO floating around. We have the finished models on display in the shelving units. I am looking forward to displaying all of them when Noah gets his own bedroom. I have lots of ideas to use a wall of shelving. I stack boxes of Isla’s toys on top of one another too, as to save space on the floor. I am looking forward to being able to use the play room again in a few days, this will help with all of the space issues we currently have. 

Making the most of their bed

Isla has so many soft toys, I sit them all up nicely at the foot of her bed so they snuggle with her at night time. Isla seems to love that too. It means that they are strewn all over the bedroom floor (unless she’s playing with them of course) and every character has their place. 

I would love to hear your ideas on saving space in a child’s bedroom, please do comment below or catch up on social media @mummyconstant. 


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