Reasons to eat everything while in NYC

There are many things to do in New York, NYC. You will take a selfie in Central Park, ride the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and visit the Museum of Modern Art. However, take a walking tour – a walking eating tour – through all five boroughs and you’ll never want to leave this place.

By the Borough

If you want to get a truly comprehensive idea of the restaurants in NYC, you need to tour it borough by borough. Start with Manhattan, which is easiest and most popular of the five boroughs, and it is home to several great French and Italian restaurants, and the greasy, delicious food only found at Yankee Stadium.

In Brooklyn, you’ll find that some places are better for food than others. While many choose to visit the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, you are better off eating at Carroll Gardens or Greenpoint for unique, artisan foods. While in the Bronx, you’ll find Little Italy and a delicious carbo-load that is never regrettable.

Queens is home, then, to Chinatown and its incredible and authentic food options. There are plenty of affordable ways to get a truly different bite to eat in NYC. From satisfying your sweet tooth to eating authentic food that truly tastes homemade.

The Variety

You’ll never eat quite as well anywhere else as you will in New York City. Food quality or restaurant reviews aside, the variety alone is enough to make your stomach grumble. From basics like Chinese, Japanese and Italian to something entirely new like

Himalayan and Colombian places in Jackson Heights, you’ll find something for everyone and more. NYC food tourism offers unique insight into the many blended cultures of this incredible city.

The Classics

Variety aside, you should also go for the classics as you go around the city. From mega-sized slices of pizza to bagels and other types of NYC-exclusive bread, it’ll feel like you never stop eating while you’re in the city. Try a black and white cookie or go for the exclusive egg cream or visit Katz Deli for an iconic pastrami sandwich. Grab a soda pop and some New York-style cheesecake and find the best places to tour in New York City.

The Weirdest Part Is…

When you have tried every classic food in New York, you’ll want to dive into their most artisanal and strange concoctions. For example, celery soda is one of the United States’ weirdest soda pop flavors and it can call NYC its home. New York City is truly home to many unique people and things, so go for something new and don’t look back.

While there is plenty to do in New York, there is also plenty to eat. One trip to NYC is never enough to see everything in a city that is constantly changing and evolving. See the most popular monuments, get a little lost and see the most genuine side of each borough. More importantly, take a food tour and experience the thriving cultures in this busy city.


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Monday 19 March 2018
Reasons to eat everything while in NYC

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