I was recently sent a fabulous, stylish and retro hand held mixer from OXO it really is the next big baking tool everyone’s been waiting for. It really is a funky gadget to have in the kitchen, especially if you like classic items with a twist! (Pardon the pun!!)

Oxo have really thought about what makes for a good hand held whisk, it isnt fiddly to clean, its quiet, its smooth and the non-slip grip on the handle makes it really easy to get stuck in when you are whisking up a master piece.  The mixer also features a stainless steel bridge to elevate the beaters from the bottom of the bowl as they work, taking the weight and strain out of mixing. 

So, what better way to test out the fabulous Oxo Hand  Held Mixer than to whisk up mine and Noah’s favourite; Banana Angel Delight! It was no bother what so ever, I am one of these cooks that is very lazy and always uses an electric whisk for baking and things like Angel Delight – but now I only have eyes for my Oxo Hand Held Mixer! It took a few minutes for the mixture to thicken and certainly was a smooth mixture, it was literally the easiest tool to use. The fact that the 2 beaters are entwined together, it just creates a great mix with the ingredients and didn’t spit everywhere or make any extra mess – as you can see it stayed in the bowl. The handle is really comfortable and it didn’t hurt my wrist or take any effort either, which is great for when you want to “whip” up something quickly. It is great for beating eggs, whipping cream and making that all important buttercream for your cupcakes.

I would be completely lost without mine now!

The hand held mixer is priced at £20 and is available from Lakeland. You can see more product information at the Oxo website: www.oxouk.com.
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Last Update: Monday, 7th May 2012