Why Nappy Cakes are the way to go

Nappy cakes are by far one of the best gifts to take along to any baby shower. You can rest assured that this is a gift that is going to get loads of use from new Mum and, of course, new baby. I used to make these and I loved it, being creative with baby toys and essentials. The image above is one I made for my daughter Isla Rae, I loved making it as it felt extra special.

If you’ve not heard of a nappy cake before, these cakes are made out of nappies that are put together to create several tiers. The tiers are then stacked to look like a cake and then decorated with a range of other items such as ribbons to make them look beautiful. Not only are these great gifts, they also make lovely centrepieces at a baby shower. You can use it as the centrepiece and then send it home with Mum after the shower.

The Benefits of Baby Nappy Cakes as Gifts

These cakes come with a broad range of benefits, which is why they make the perfect baby shower gift. Here are just some of those benefits:

  • Nappy cakes look incredible. Well-constructed nappy cakes look great and are sure to stand out from the rest on the gift table. It’s a gift that grabs attention and adds to the baby shower’s décor.
  • They are easy to buy or make. These cakes are so easy to order or even make yourself, which means a personalized and special gift is within easy reach.
  • They are practical for new mothers. Many mothers receive gifts they may hardly use. But since a nappy cake tends to include anything from 50 to 150 nappies, you can be sure that your gift is going to be used. Also, nappies are expensive for new parents, so this is a practical and thoughtful gift for sure.

How to Choose the Theme and Colour of the Nappy Cake for the Baby Shower

Whether you are buying a nappy cake or making one yourself, you will want to pick the right theme and colour. When it comes to colour, keep the baby’s gender in mind. If it is a boy, go for yellows, greens, and blues. For a girl, pick pale greens, pinks, and purples. If you need a gender-neutral colour, go with something like green or cream.

It can also be nice to have a theme for the baby shower nappy cake. When picking a theme, try to find out what theme the baby shower will have so you can get a cake that matches that. You may also want to choose a theme based on the new baby’s nursery.

Great Additions for the Nappy Cake

There is no doubt that the best nappy cakes for a baby shower offer a little something more than just nappies. While the nappies make up the tiers of the cake, you can add a few extras to really make the gift look sensational. Other than lovely ribbons, it’s nice to add a few other baby items that match the cake’s theme and colours. For instance, baby rattles, washcloths, towels, onesies, pacifiers, bottles, brushes, and shampoos and lotions make fantastic additions, and a stuffed animal is the perfect cake topper.


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Thursday 20 July 2017
Why Nappy Cakes are the way to go

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