My Mother’s Day gift guide for 2019

I have been surfing the internet for some fabulous Mother’s Day gifts and I have found such beautiful items. I had to share! I like to buy thoughtful gifts for people and I also like to buy things that are slightly different. Mother’s Day is on Sunday 31st March this year, so you have a few weeks to find the perfect item for your Mum. Here is my round up for 2019:

Something for the home

I love this doorstop. It’s great if your Mum is a cat fan. We grew up with cats, I have always had a cat. And a dog for that matter. There are a great range of doorstops at Mia Cara Gifts, they are great quality and I love the different animals. This is a local company to me, so is local to the Cambridgeshire or Bedfordshire region.

Something for the senses

If you think your Mum needs to relax this Mother’s Day then what better than a Spa Moments scented candle by Prices Candles. I love big jar candles. They are everywhere in my house and they really make it smell lovely. Especially after all the work that is being done in the house at the moment, its nice to have it smell something other than fumes. This candle is a great price at £18 too.

Something for her to wear

This jumper is just beautiful. Kit and Kaboodal do a great range of gift ideas for Mum. This Sutton Stripe jumper was made in Italy and is so soft. It’s a great jumper that fits all sizes from 8 to 16. It’s quite magic really. I think it looks lovely and I love the stripes and heart pattern. Nice and colourful, which is perfect for Spring.

Something a little sparkly

Who doesn’t love jewellery? This necklace is just beautiful. Eternal collection have some beautiful items on their site, perfect for Mother’s Day. I fell in love with this Pearl Sterling Silver necklace. The chain is really pretty as it catches the light really nicely, it’s a thicker chain than what I would normally go for which is good too – thin chains last about 2 weeks with me. I love the pearl pendant too. It is a AAA 11mm freshwater pearl, that makes it sound like it has had a rather extravagant adventure.

Something for a budding baker

If your Mum is a big fan of cooking how about this pizza set from VonShef. It is a 3 piece set that includes a bread board, pizza oven dish and a pizza cutter. I love VonShef they do some amazing products and they are extremely reasonable in price. This 3 piece pizza set is only £11.99 and looks great when serving up a delicious homemade pizza.

Something for a cheese lover

Cheese is a huge thing. I didn’t realise this until I met my husband. He loves cheese and would choose that as a dessert over anything sweet or cakey. If you have a Mum that loves cheese then this cheese board is a fab idea. It closes up into a third of a circle and is easier to store, it keeps the knives hidden and tidy too. I love the fact it spins out – looks great if you are hosting a dinner party.

Something for a gin lover

I love Gin, it’s something I got into a few years ago because my friend really loved it. I have also loved trying out different Gin cocktail recipes. I love this brushed gold Boston cocktail set and wine glasses from VonShef. It is fun making up cocktails for guests, or if you are just a fan of a nice Gin drink. I like the fact it’s something a little different for Mum too. I love the gold wine glasses as we can take them out on picnics, or camping when we go away in the Summer. The great thing is they keep the drink cooler for longer too, which is great when you are enjoying a drink in the Summer sunshine.

Something for the creative Mum

My Mumma is a very creative lady. She loves to draw and has drawn some amazing things over the years. One of my earliest memories is of my bedroom, where on 2 walls she painted the most incredible Disney murals. I had a big Winnie-the-pooh on one wall, with characters and a scene from the Jungle Book on the other. I wish I had photos of it. I came across this beautiful Elephant notebook from Pen Heaven, which I had engraved for Mumma. I hope she likes it. I loved the Lamy Joy Calligraphy pen too, perfect for a creative person. It’s nice to take your time over writing and something like this inspires you to write nice cards out for people. I also found these Shorty pencils that are perfect for drawing buildings – so she can scribble her designs for her new house that she is building. Very exciting year for Mum.

I would love to know what your favourite item is from the list or if you have something to add, in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.


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  • Kim Carberry
    March 9, 2019

    What lovely ideas and gifts.
    I love the doorstops! So cute! x

    • MummyConstant
      March 9, 2019

      Thank you Kim. Glad you like them. I love the doorstops too x

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My Mother’s Day gift guide for 2019

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