What is the first thing you do when you think of a place to go? For me, it is straight online and search for information and images, reviews and details about places I can think of – the information I find will rule out the place or put it on the “to go” list. Well with momondo they have made my job that much easier, the very stylish iPad app allows me to look very quickly at the different city guides, with a lot of helpful information to guide me along the way.


I have never been to Italy, but it is one of the Countries I long to visit and so I took a look at the Rome guide in the momondo app. The quick info in the app tells me that the weather in Rome is a lot warmer than that of the UK, in fact the temperature is double what it is here. That’s incentive enough but what else does this app tell me?


Downloading the guide

To download the city guides, you simply tap on the button that says “tap here to download” and wait for the download to reach 100%. Once the city guide has downloaded the image will turn into a beautiful coloured photo and the button says “download complete”. You can now tap on the photo to see the guide.



I love the mood element of the app, you can select a mood and see recommendations for that particular category. I chose family and there are 23 recommendations for Rome that are family oriented. Let’s see what they are? I tapped on the middle of screen where it said 23 recommendations and it took me to the family section of the guide.


The Guide

The guide itself displays as a book, so you can swipe your fingers from left to right, to turn the pages and read all about the city. I love one of the family hotel recommendations, you can tap into the hotel details and even check prices (this takes you to the momondo website for booking information. It is such a useful app.



You can use categories to focus your search on particular areas or recommendations, for example you can look at everything or if you drill down into a mood, you can see different categories within that mood. The app helps you to filter out the bits of information you do not want to see and it takes a few easy seconds to do so. Very clever!



To top it all off the app has a map section, you can see the maps button on the left hand side of the screen and this takes you to the maps view where you can see all of the recommendations in a map view. It is a great idea, you can tap on the recommendations and it gives you the details about them – the same as the book view. It is really neat how they both interlink, its useful to flick between to the 2 in the same app as well. Usually you have to look at various websites and correlate that with the maps app.


Everything but the kitchen sink!

So in around 5 minutes, I have found out some great family friendly hotels, places to visit, special sights to see in Rome and where I should probably avoid taking the children. The photos are so inviting and I really want to go to Rome for the weekend please! I am hoping that over time more and more cities will be added to the app so that I can view more about them. I did see it is minus 4 in New York today, I think I will stop complaining about how cold I am here in the the UK!

How much does it cost?

The app is completely free. So what are you waiting for: iTunes appstore – momondo places.


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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018