Kiddicare – Sunny Safari Blocks & Ball Set

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We were sent the fabulous Sunny Safari Blocks and Ball Sets from Kiddicare’s Sunny Safari range and we took them to great grandma and grandads to have some fun with them. I think Great Grandad enjoyed playing with them a bit more than Isla did!

The Sunny Safari range are full of bright colours, safe fabrics and textures to encourage sensory exploration. We were sent the Sunny Safari Chime Ball and the Sunny Safari Blocks Set and Isla loved them both very much.

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Chime Ball

The Chime ball is brilliant, its soft and squidgy, makes a delicate little “chime” when you throw it, different colours and fabrics to encourage sensory play for the little ones. Noah loved playing with the ball too and telling me about the colours: he had the most fun throwing it to Isla and giggling when Isla dropped it.


Isla had fun pushing it about when she was crawling and now that she is walking she runs up to it and scoops it up in her dinky arms and runs around with it – because its a soft ball, it is easy for the smaller hands to grasp and play. There is currently 15% off this on the Kiddicare website so you can grab a bargain at £4.20.IMG_4561

Blocks Set

The blocks are lots of fun: I remember when Noah was about 9 months old and he would spend hours knocking down the block towers and giggling his little head off. I have numerous YouTube videos of how much he loved it, so I was confident Isla would think its a lot of fun too. Which she does. She is getting the concept that when I build a tower, she knocks it back down again. safari8

There are 4 different themes to the sides: numbers 1-4, letters a-d, 4 different animals and the 4 different seasons. I thought this was a clever idea as it makes it a good product for both Isla and Noah. She stacks them up and knocks them down, Noah will count and tell me what the animals are and he knows the sun – so they are a great learning tool for Noah too. Isla does love to gnaw on little sun rays that stick out, she sits there for ages chewing and playing with the frilly bits!

To see all of the Kiddicare Sunny Safari products you can visit their website: You can like them on the Kiddicare Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter: @kiddicare. They also have a fab YouTube channel and really cool Pinterest boards too.


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