Involving your kids in several activities can be very rewarding, not only to you but also the kids themselves. Not only does it allow you to have some quality time together, but it also encourages your little ones to explore their creative sides and apply them to actual scenarios. Particularly now when most employers have become lenient and allow their people to work at home, you and your kids can have a great time bonding over DIY crafts and ideas making costumes and props.

Bond Over Costume and Prop Making

One activity that you can try to involve your kids in is making costumes and props. Costumes are very much essential during Halloween, but it’s not only during this occasion that costumes and props can be put into good use. Your kids may be invited to costume parties or virtual events, and it won’t hurt to be prepared all the time.

So gather your scissors, glues, sewing kits, and more and don’t forget to gather your kids too. Furthermore, here are some ways you can try to involve your kids in making their costumes and props:

Ask Them What Or Who They Want To Be

When doing anything that involves kids, one thing’s for sure—they won’t do it unless they’re interested in it. To catch their interest, start by simply asking what or who they want to be for Halloween or costume party. As much as possible, make it more about them and less about you. If they say they want to be a wizard for the nth time, let them be. Don’t ruin their excitement and listen to what they have to say first. You might be surprised to find out how creative they are.

Don’t worry if they want costumes and props that are not very easy to make. You can always search online for tips and tricks. If you need accessories like clergy robes or anything similar to it, you can either learn how to sew one or buy from this website instead. There are tons of resources you can find online, and you can also ask your kids if they know where to source the needed materials or accessories.

Always Ask For Their Opinion

As you go through the process, make it a point to always ask their opinion. It’ll make them feel like their thoughts matter, and this is what you’re trying to foster in the first place. Whether you’re making costumes or props (or both) together, they have to feel like they’re involved.

When they give their opinion, no matter how small or silly, pay attention. Don’t brush it off just as easily because then they’ll feel like their suggestions are not creative or good enough. Respect their thoughts and let them know that you’re highly considering them.

Give Them Distinct Responsibilities

Giving your kids certain responsibilities can help greatly in shaping them to be more responsible. It doesn’t have to be something big immediately—you can start by giving them small tasks like being in charge of gathering materials as you make their costumes and props. If they prove that they can handle such responsibilities, you can up the game and start assigning more serious tasks such as preparing a list of expenses for the materials.

With these little responsibilities, you’re already teaching them values in life like how to set a budget and save money along the way. They’ll also learn how to be accountable for anything that they do.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

The goal of involving your kids in making their costumes and props isn’t only to teach them responsibility and other values in life, but more importantly, you want to spend quality time with them. As you go through the process of making their costumes, don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it. Assign chores that they can take on and give honest feedback whenever they finish a certain task. Encourage your kids to speak their minds so that their creativity will be stimulated.

Of course, you also need to consider your kids’ safety when making costumes and props. Make sure they’re old enough to use a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, or something else that may potentially cause them harm or injury.

No matter how your DIY costumes, props, and decorations turn out in the end, it’s the experience that matters most. Try not to get too carried away in trying to make the perfect costumes. Instead, focus on the activity itself and get to know your kids better. Someday, when your children are all grown up, they’ll remember those fun times you had together, crafting and sewing costumes. 

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Last Update: Monday, 17th May 2021