If your family love the great outdoors, then you will always want to make the most out of your summer holiday. This is the perfect opportunity to get away and to see the great beauty of the world with your family so you will want to find a few fun ways to get out into nature. There are many great destinations and holiday ideas for nature-loving families so if you are struggling to decide what to do this summer then read on for a few suggestions all of which should make for a fantastic, fun and memorable holiday with your family.

Camping Holiday

If you like being outdoors as a family then a camping vacation is an excellent choice. In addition to being surrounded by nature, these holidays can also be good for teaching your kids important life skills and how to survive by themselves as well as how to respect nature. You could book into a campsite and meet fellow families or find your own place to camp (just make sure that it is legal first).

Cycling Holiday

Cycling holidays can be fantastic fun and a good way to explore a large area, plus this is also a superb form of exercise which will help your kids to improve their fitness and confidence on the roads. There are many places in the UK that are well-suited to cycling holidays or you could even look abroad with places like Italy and France being good options.

Walking Holiday

The UK has breathtakingly beautiful countryside which makes it ideal for a walking holiday. Places like Cornwall are perfect for walking vacations because there is so much natural beauty along with charming towns to explore and you can find plenty of dog friendly cottages in Cornwall so that you can even bring your dog with you on these walks. This will also provide you with the perfect place for relaxing after a long day of walking and exploring the local area.

Road Trip

There is nothing quite like a road trip and this can be a great way to explore a country because it allows you to see all of the places between major destinations and it is often here where you find the true heart and soul. Make sure that you plan your route well in advance and book in places to stay along the way. There are road trips in the UK that you can do or you could look to travel through a few European countries or even further afield, such as the iconic Route 66 road trip in the USA.

As a parent, you will always want to give your children a fun-filled and memorable summer vacation. If you are the type of family that likes to be outside and explore then you cannot go wrong with these types of vacation as they will allow you to spend quality time in the great outdoors and see the beauty of the world no matter where you decide to go.

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Last Update: Friday, 24th May 2019