Great gift ideas for your daughter’s sweet 16th

Turning sixteen is a big deal for any girl. Whether you’re planning to throw her a massive sweet sixteenth party with all of her family and friends or think that she’d prefer a quieter gathering at home with just those who she’s closest to, buying a gift for a sweet sixteenth requires a little more planning and investment – after all, it’s a very special birthday! I know I won’t have to worry about this for a fair few years but I thought it might be helpful to some of my readers. Also a little bit of future planning on my part. From the traditional to the unique and quirky, I’ve put together some fantastic gift ideas that your teen will love to open on the morning of their 16th birthday.


A sweet sixteenth party is the perfect opportunity to present the birthday girl with her first piece of expensive jewellry. Whilst many parents don’t like spending too much on jewelry and accessories on kids as they’re growing up, sixteen is the perfect age to have something special and learn the responsibility that comes along with looking after it. A custom designed ring from could be your daughter’s perfect gift, as it’s something that she can wear and cherish for the rest of her life and look back at with fond memories of her perfect sweet sixteenth.


As kids get older, there are more and more experiences that they want to try, whether it be travelling to more places, doing something adventurous like jumping out of a plane, or even going to see their favorite childhood characters at Disneyworld. Finding out what it is that your daughter really wants to do and getting her a ticket, or even taking her to do it on her sixteenth birthday can make for the perfect gift idea that she will never forget. Whether it’s a weekend away at the beach or a visit to her favorite theme park, doing something that you’ve always wanted to, along with the people you’re closest to can make for a wonderful birthday.

Her Own Car

If you are in the USA then most sixteen year old girls are itching to get behind the wheel of their own car and stop relying on public transport or getting a ride from mum or dad. A car of her own is one of the best gifts to present to her on her sixteenth birthday, especially if you have been teaching her how to drive and she can’t wait to get on the road. Having her own car will give her more independence and freedom, something that kids her age start to need more and more.

The Ultimate Shopping Trip

If you’re not sure what your daughter would really love for her sweet sixteenth, why not take her out on the ultimate shopping trip? Decide how much you would like to spend on her for her birthday and allow her to choose anything that she likes from the mall up to that amount. Often, girls aged 16 have a good idea of what they do and don’t like, so allowing her to go and choose whatever she wants as a birthday gift is a sure fire way to make sure that she isn’t disappointed.

Share your sweet 16th gift ideas in the comments below!

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