Enjoying a little culture while in Rome

One of the best things about travel is that it gives you the chance to experience something new. This is possible almost regardless of where you travel to. But, large cities like Rome definitely offer you more opportunities, as you will see when you read my suggestions for a cultural break in Rome. We love Italy and would love to go to Rome.

A ballet performance

Rome offers you plenty of opportunities to enjoy a night of ballet.

There is nothing quite like a ballet performance to take you to another, magical place. It is a beautiful performing art. Fortunately, Rome offers you plenty of chances to enjoy a performance. You can find out more about what is available in the city at the time you are planning to travel there by going online.

The city’s main ballet company is based at the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. Rome is also visited regularly by traveling ballet companies. So, for most of the year, you will be spoilt for choice.

If ballet is not for you, do not worry because Rome provides you with plenty of other dance experiences. For example, in September the city plays host to all kinds of dance groups. At that time of the year you can enjoy many different dance genres.

A night at the opera

If you have never been to an opera performance, you are really missing out. I did not think I was an opera fan. But, I was lucky enough to be in Mexico for Independence Day and to be able to attend a Grand Opera Gala. I had a fantastic evening, which is why I recommend that you treat yourself to a night at the opera during your stay in Rome. Enjoy some of Rome’s art

Rome has been a city of culture for many centuries. During that time, all kinds of artists have lived and worked there. This list is a long one that includes people like Caravaggio, Bernini and Michelangelo.

You can also enjoy the art of lesser-known artists and experience something that is truly unique. Many of these less famous artists were born in Rome including Artemisia Gentileschi, Antoniazzo Romano and Nicola Salvi.

It really does not matter what type of art you like you can find it in Rome.  For example, there is a thriving contemporary art scene there. This list will help you to plan your itinerary, if that is what interests you. You may also want to take in some of the city’s street art. There are several neighborhoods for you to visit that offer plenty for you to see and enjoy. Top of the list is Metro A – Piazza di Spagna, but you also not miss San Lorenzo and Ostiense.

Experience Rome as a local

Another great way to get under the city’s skin and experience its culture is to let a local guide show you around. Because they live there they have the inside track on what is going on in the city. A good local guide will be able to show you the sights and explain the nuances of Rome’s culture, old and new.

Hopefully, when you plan your trip to Rome you will try out one or two of my suggestions. If you do decide to do so, be sure to book your tickets or tours well in advance. Rome is a busy city so special events and performances tend to sell out fast. Provided you book ahead you won’t be disappointed.

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