Do you like dressing up? We do!

We love dressing up in the Constant household, and if you saw my husbands #icebucketchallenge recently you will see where it all stems from, we have a dressing up box with lots of fun items in it but the best outfits are ones we were recently sent from Jokers Masquerade. Jake and the Neverland pirate and Tinkerbell – amazingly adorable outfits for my little ones.


Do your children like fancy dress? Do they like playing make believe with the outfits to match their game? Noah loves pirates and especially Jake and the Neverland pirate, so what better outfit for him than to be Jake himself, he absolutely loved it and asked me ten times a day when his outfit was going to arrive – I am so glad the postage was amazingly quick. There was no real contest for Isla, it was either Sofia or Tinkerbell and with the pirate theme I thought there was only one winner – she wore it to bed the first day it came. I love Tinkerbell’s wings, they are sparkly and glittery – they look so pretty and Isla loves them too.


The outfits are great quality, easy to put on (which for smaller children is fantastic) and the colours are vibrant and realistic to the characters themselves. Noah and Isla recognised their characters straight away and were squeaking in my ear to get them out of their packets and on. “Me first!”. I love seeing them happy and having fun, we will definitely be getting some cool Halloween outfits for after our summer holiday so we can get practising for trick or treating. There are some great selections to choose from and I really want to throw a Halloween party now so we can get dressed up in one of them.


You can see more of the fantastic outfits on Jokers Masquerade from their website: You can follow them on Twitter: , like them on their Jokers Masquerade Facebook page and you can get inpsiration from their Instagram account:



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