Disney Princess Sing and Sparkle Ariel review

Isla was very lucky to receive the new Sing and Sparkle Ariel to try out. She absolutely loved it and bath time has become an extension of playtime again. Sing and Sparkle Ariel does exactly that: she sings, she sparkles and she lights up in the water. She is super cute and Isla adores her.

It is so nice as she has always loved her baths. When she was little Isla would sit in the bath and play for ages. Until the water was cold. She grew out of this a couple of years ago and it seems Ariel has helped to revive this for her. She spends ages in the bath playing mermaids, it’s lovely listening to her in her make believe world. Singing along with Ariel. 

The mermaid tail is see through, you can see glitter floating around it and it lights up. So, as you move Ariel around the glitter flickers about too. It’s amazing how well she lights up the entire bath. Well, bathroom for that matter. Isla loved it. If you press her seashell necklace she will sing “Part of your world” and say Ariel phrases. She also lights up as she sings. See a little video of her below:

This fabulously cute doll is £34.99 and a perfect toy for a Disney Princess fan. She really is a lot of fun. Not sure how this doll works mind you, as it takes 3 x AAA batteries and it’s water tight. I am amazed. You know that moment when you drop an electrical item in the water, I swore it wouldn’t work again – but she does.

Ariel is also the perfect little doll to cuddle at night too:


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