Craze Sensations are a great new sensory toy from Canal Toys; kids will love the sounds and textures in the different pots. Each pot can be mixed with others to encourage messy play and creativity too. Isla was lucky enough to review the Craze Sensations 4 pack from Canal Toys. She loves the set; its squishy, stretchy and crunchy too. Oh and it’s collectable.

Craze Sensations

The new sensory range is just the perfect gift for little ones from age 3 and upwards; the sets come with 4 pots containing a squishy compound and decorations. The decorations and compound can be mixed pot by pot, or you can mix them all up together. The different decorations and compounds means you can mix up different concoctions. Isla loved it. Sensory play is calming and promotes mindfulness as children are in the present whilst playing with these fun pots. I use it as a good stress relief too!

Craze Sensations

Isla loved the pink compound and the squidgy balls decoration. It is very addictive and it moulds into the shapes you want it to be in. It is quite satisfying. If you want to explore the fun of ASMR the Craze Sensations are just what you need and you can get your very own Craze Sensations 4 pack from Smyths Toys for £9.99. They do come in a single pack too, perfect for a pocket money treat or stocking fillers at Christmas.

We love playing and reading together, enjoying toys that encourage sensory play is a great way of having messy fun. I would love to know what you think about this fun new craze. If you want to know more about ASMR, I found out a lot of information on Wikipedia. ASMR is a new craze trend and these pots are supporting this fun new trend!

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024