Christmas gift ideas for Secret Santa 2019


I thought it would be a good idea to post some ideas for Secret Santa 2019, these are ideally for work colleagues or if you have a group of friends. I find it really hard to buy for these things sometimes as this year I have absolutely no idea who the person is I am buying for at work. But I am up for the challenge none the less. Here’s what I featured last year.

iBeani iPad stand

This is a fabulous invention and great idea if you are buying for a friend in Secret Santa 2019 – at £24.99 they are for a budget of £25 and are a great little gift. The iBeani bean bag stand acts as an iPad stand on almost any surface. There is also a little pocket for your iPhone. There are a lot of beautiful designs to choose from too.

iPad stand


I think, if you are buying for a male colleague who is the laugh of the office this would be the perfect gift. You have to get the ball out of one side of the loop and into the next. So it loops. It is really hard to achieve. At £9.99, the Pindaloo, comes in under the £10 budget and would create a little fun in the office I am sure.


Dot art sticker books

They say colouring in is good for the mind and I have to agree, it is really calming when I sit and colour in. These Dot Art sticker books from the National Gallery Shop are also absolutely calming. You basically stick the stickers in the book and create images. They are £10.99 each so would be great for budgets of under £15.

Pub Quiz book

I think this general knowledge pub quiz book is a safe bet for work colleagues, male and female, its also under a £10 budget at £7.99. The book has 10,000 questions and over 300 individual quizzes if you want to run your own quizzes over the festive period. I think these would make a good read, I have such little general knowledge it would be a fabulous idea to read it from back to front and learn some.

Do you have any fun ideas for colleagues or friends for this years Secret Santa? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media.

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  • What fab ideas.
    Pindaloo is such fantastic fun. It’s such a simple thing but my two get so competitive over it.
    I’ve not seen those Dot art sticker books before. I think my teen would like them. x

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