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It is no secret Isla loves Num Noms, so when Isla was sent the new Series 5 and light up Num Noms – she was very excited! Isla was sent a deluxe page of the new series and a lights mega assortment pack, she squealed when she saw the boxes. So, what’s new with series 5:

What’s new with series 5?

Series 5 is all about delicious desserts – think crepes topped with ice-cream and cream-filled cakes! Isla’s favourite was the banana crepe that wraps around the nail varnish, very clever idea! We liked the square cakes too. You get a couple of glittery lip glosses too – perfect for any little girl.

What do you get in a Lights mega assortment pack?

The new Series 3 Lights are a great idea, they light up in 2 different colours and have a ring attachment. So, little ladies can wear them with their best dresses! You get 9 scented outer cases, in different varieties and colours. You also get 2 ring bases, so you can give one to your best friend and wear them together – that was Isla’s idea. She loves them. She especially loves playing with them at bedtime as they light up her entire bed.

What do you do with your Num Noms? Do you use them to inspire wacky recipes with the children? Which one is your favourite? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.


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