We recently moved into our lovely new home, what better way to show off a fantastic product and test it out too. Our kitchen is very “red” themed and so I couldn’t wait to get the lipstick red Brabantia touch bin deluxe home and give it a whirl. 


Well it was very simply to get it in situe so to speak, it literally came ready to go. I unpacked it out of the box and set it up in it’s allocated spot in our kitchen – it’s new home. It looks great in the kitchen and we have had it for a little while now and it is still working perfectly. How many times we have purchased a touch bin and they have broken within the month is beyond ridiculous. So I am extremely happy with this bin and so far seems so good. It is definitely worth the money at £183 from John Lewis.


The bin has some great features, it is very easy to use and it is very light weight too. So no heavy lifting to empty the bin when it gets full and the inner bin makes it even more easy to empty. The bin lid has a soft touch closure which means when you shut the lid down it doesn’t do it harsh and therefore break, it’s a gentle motion and I think this clever mechanism makes the bins so effective and long lasting. 


I cannot believe how quiet the bin lid is too – it literally makes a teeny tiny noise which is great as who wants a loud horrid noise everytime you use the bin. Noah loves putting things in the bin now there is a jazzy red one in the corner. 


As you can see in the photo’s I used an ordinary black bin liner to begin with and this works just as well as the fitted liners. The Brabantia bin liners are perfect for this bin though, they make the trash even easier to remove. I love the handles especially! I knew that the bin would be of good quality as John Lewis do not stock anything less, it has spurred me into purchasing more Brabantia goodies for the house. There are a lot of great products on the John Lewis website



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Last Update: Wednesday, 5th February 2014