With our back to school this year we now have a year 3 and year 2 student. This marks quite a milestone in the children’s school as Noah now moves around to the big playground. And that we no longer receive the government free school dinners for him, as that only goes up to year 2. So Noah had a choice to go with school dinners or a packed lunch. He chose packed lunch obviously! 

Preparing for packed lunches has been quite stressful, there’s a long list of what Noah thinks are “cool” things to have in his lunch bag and also a long list of things we want him to have. There is also the school rule of no nuts. So, we have had to make a lot of compromises. 

Getting the right lunch bag has been the ultimate back to school decision for us this year as we walk to school a couple of days a week, I didn’t want to get a lunch bag that would be dumped on my arm or Nanny’s. Like everything else. I have even gone for the book bags with straps as well as handles! When I saw these Spearmark lunch bags in Sainsburys and I just knew they were the ticket. 

We tried them out on Bank Holiday Monday, I wanted to make sure they were comfortable for the children to carry and they absolutely loved carrying them. Isla kept saying to me “Mummy I have my very own picnic in my bag”. They were so proud to be carrying their own lunches. Noah said it was really comfortable and not heavy at all. Winner! 


Inside the lunch bags we got a really good quality bottle for their lunchtime drinks and some fabulous Locksy containers to make sure things staff safe and not squashed! The containers have a click and go mechanism – they are lock tight so you can transport liquid/soups easily too…. obviously not for school lunchtimes though. It’s the lid that does not leak. Perfect! 

Would you like to win your very own lunch bag and bottle? 

All you have to do to enter is fill out the competition window below, good luck, the competition is open for 5 days and closes midnight on Sunday 2nd September 2018 – just in time for back to school, bundle worth £16.99. 

Spearmark lunchbags


What do you have in your child’s packed lunch for school? Do you include chocolate or sweets? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. Spearmark are exclusive to Sainsbury’s, so make sure you get to your local branch or have a look online. 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 28th August 2018