An easy guide to moving house

Whether it is your very first time or you are a seasoned pro, moving to a new home can be a stressful time with a seemingly endless list of things to think about. A new home means that you are uprooting life as you know it and embarking on a new chapter, even if you may only be moving a few streets away! To give you a helping hand during this lengthy process, this guide will give you three great tips for how to get through before, during, and after your move with aslittle hassle and worry as possible.

The secret is in the organisation

Before the big move, the most pressing task is getting all the packing done. Itcan be quite a daunting job when you think about the sheer volume of possessions in your home, butthis stress can be alleviated by following some simple tips on how to pack up your house properly. Before you get down to packing, the greatidea is to go through your house and have a purge of all the things you don’t use and take them down to your local charity shop or, if they are past their prime, down to the recycling plant. Once you’ve done this, pack strategically by compiling all the things you will need on moving day into boxes marked with ‘Day One’ and try to organiseeverything your pack into boxes that tell you which day you need to unpack them on your first week in the new property. By doing this bit of organisationbefore the move, you’ll find you settle in much easier.

A safe pair of hands

On the actual moving day itself, you will be entrusting all of your prized possessions into the hands of a removal company who need to be sensitive and respectful of taking care of the things that you hold dear. When tasked with hiring people you feel you can trust with such an important job, it is worth doing your research; is a great place to start. Using this website will give you access to loads of reviews that will aid you in making an informed choice for your move and ensure your items are handledwith care from door to door.

Once you’re all moved in

Finally, once you have moved in, the fun can begin as you start to think about some interior decor ideas to make the spaceyour own! Thisis the perfect opportunity to go out and buy some new pieces of furniture to add a pop of colourand modernity to the rooms, especially seeing as you got rid of some of your old pieces when preparing to pack. Why not go online and get some inspiration from designers and bloggers so that you can begin to build each room to have its ownunique style that is perfectly tailoredto your specific style.

Moving to a new home is a wonderful time in your life, andby using these tips,you will be able to have a stress free experience.


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An easy guide to moving house

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