A Shopping list to help you prepare for a new kitten

Bringing home a kitten can be a wonderful experience. Cats make great pets for homes where people cannot dedicate too much time to their pets. Cats are extremely low maintenance pets to have. But before you do get your kitten, you need to get a bit of shopping done to get things just right. From kitty litter to branded cat medicine, here is the shopping list that covers it all.


You cannot bring your kitten home without having a cat carrier. Whenever you want to travel with your cat, you will need to have a cat carrier. The carrier can also be used at home as your cat’s little cave. The size of your carrier should not be too small. Ensure that your kitten can use the crate even when they have grown.

Litter Box

Cats like to be in clean environments, so they choose to defecate only in the litter boxes. Buy a big litter box that they can use even when they grow in size. There are specialized litter boxes that you can buy if you want to train your cat to use the toilet. The toilet training litter boxes fit around the rim on your toilet. You need to fill the box with litter, either sandy or granular. Keep enough litter for your cat to bury their poop but not enough for them to kick out of the box.

Poop Scooper

Your cat will stop using the litter box if it gets too dirty. You need to keep cleaning the litter box frequently. Litter scoops allow you to scoop out the poop and clumps of litter while leaving clean litter behind.

Scratching Post

Just as dogs tend to chew things up when not stimulated, cats tend to scratch things. Scratching has a lot of implications, but it is a natural action that cats do. Keep your furniture safe by keeping a scratching post for your cat to claw. You can buy a scratching post or can even make a DIY scratching post.


You need to have two bowls for your cat. A water bowl and a food bowl are something you must buy. Dedicated food bowls will teach your cat not to try to take food off of the table.


There are many kinds of cat toys that you can buy. Buy some toys to help you bond with your kitten. Playing with your cat also ensures that you share your home with a fit cat instead of Garfield.

Cat Food

There are many misconceptions about what you can give a cat. Milk is something that is best consumed by cartoon cats. Cats are obligate carnivores, do not force a vegan lifestyle onto your cat.


When you try to feed your cat medicine, you are in for a struggle. Your vet can recommend some branded cat medicine for your kitten. It is best to not buy any branded cat medicine without asking the vet. So, take your kitten first to the vet, get some branded cat medicine prescribed, buy the medicine and then get home.

This shopping list can help you welcome your kitten to a safe and equipped environment. Is there anything else you can think of, I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.


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