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H & A’s new Soft and Gentle Bubbly Bath and Soft and Gentle Shampoo are both available in Minnie Mouse, Thomas & Friends and Finding Nemo variants, you can find them in stores now. Isla and Noah were very lucky to be sent a Nemo Bubbly Bath and Shampoo to review. These New! products are the soft and gentle way to bathe your little one, they have been formulated to care for your child’s delicate skin, are safe for newborns and so gentle, they can be used everyday. They are also pediatrician approved for your piece of mind.


The first thing that was noted by little Noah was that it was Nemo bubbles, so the packaging did the trick and now when we are having a defying toddler moment and Noah doesn’t want a bath, saying “Lets go and fill the bath up with Nemo bubbles” gets him up the stairs quick. (Our bathroom is upstairs!) The great thing about these products is that I can use them on both of the kids and they are fine, some products are not strong enough for Noah’s hair and some are too delicate for little Isla, but the Shampoo from H&A is really good and does the trick for both.


As you know Noah has a lot of hair, so making sure his lathers up enough for me to wash it thoroughly and get all the boy things out (twigs and dirt) it is essential the shampoo I use is tough enough, but at the same time making sure it doesn’t hurt Isla’s scalp or sting her eyes is important to me too. This really does tick both the boxes at each end of the spectrum with my two. The fact is has been formulated to look after delicate hair and is kind to the skin, if it is safe for newborns then I know it is safe for Isla – so I was assured before use that it would be gentle. It is so good that I could use it daily with them both if need be, especially when they have sweaty hair in this heat, its nice to know I can wash their hair and keep it fresh.


The bubbly bath really is bubbly, one of my pet peeves is when you get a so called bubble bath home and it either doesnt produce bubbles or they disappear within seconds – this really does do what it says, bubble! Again, it is soft and gentle on Noah and Isla, it makes their skin feel really soft.



You can read more about the products on the H&A website and even better, their Toddler Bathtimes blog post.  If you want to see other great H&A products have a look on their website: http://www.handa-uk.com/. You can like them on Facebook here.


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