A guide to getting your Winter wardrobe ready

Fashion always looks ahead, because that is the best time to prepare designs and wardrobes for the upcoming season. As summer nears its end, it’s time to get our fall and winter wardrobes out and ready. Now is the best time to invest in new pieces, mend our old ones, and to redefine ourselves through our fashion for another year. I love getting my Winter wardrobe ready – those big chunky jumpers for starters.

Get a Proper Storage System for Your Summer Clothes 

You need to invest in a proper storage system for your clothes. For now, the storage system will be used to put away your summer clothes when the time comes, but it should also be adaptable to put away your winter wear. This way, your clothes are neatly put away and remain moth-hole free

Take Out Your Winter Wardrobe and Audit 

Before the autumn/winter season approaches you will want to take out all of your winter clothes and sort through them. It’s a good idea to wait until the kids go back to school so that you have a day to yourself to really commit to your closet. 

Remove Items You Don’t Love 

If you don’t love how it looks or feels when you wear it, it’s time to get rid of it. Chances are you aren’t wearing it anyway and it is only keeping up space in your closet. 

Make Necessary Repairs

For the items you do love but are wearing down, see if you can repair them. This is a great way to extend the life of your clothes both for function and for aesthetics. 

Key Pieces to Invest in For This Winter 

Once you’ve sorted through and audited your closet, you are ready to invest in new items. These items should be bought with the intention of buying once. Invest in high-quality pieces that will be style staples year after year, can be mixed and matched to give you a versatile, stylish outfit, and above all else keep you warm in the winter months. 

High-Quality Cashmere 

Sweaters are a must for winter, but it’s about time you one, think outside the box and two, invest in higher quality materials. Acrylic, for example, tends to pile so that beautiful sweater or dress you just bought will become a fuzzy, unsightly mess after a few washes. By investing in cashmere dresses, however, you can enjoy a lightweight, warm, and incredibly soft, stylish staple year after year. Black knit dresses are also very forgiving, so you can look great no matter what. 

The Perfect Winter Coat 

Your perfect winter coat needs to be sized strategically and made with materials that are designed to insulate you and keep out water. Wool can do this just as well as traditional ski jackets, so long as you aren’t experiencing artic-levels of winter. Just remember to choose a coat or jacket size that will comfortably fit with sweaters. Going up a size is often a smart choice. 

Winter-Warming Under Layers 

Invest in sportswear for truly winter days. Thermal tights, thermal tank tops, thermal socks – these will make all the difference when it comes to keeping you warm without being bulky during the winter. 

High-Quality Winter Wear 

Invest in high-quality winter wear. Soft cashmere scarves and hats, thick mitts or windproof gloves, are all great ways to keep your extremities warm and fashionable during winter. 

What are your Winter wardrobe essentials? I would love to know in the comments below.


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A guide to getting your Winter wardrobe ready

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