More and more people are shopping online nowadays. In 2015, Statista cited that over 200 million of the population in the US did their shopping on the Internet. Convenience is a prevalent factor as to why online shoppers do their thing. If you’re a fashionista, for instance, you’ll have a broader and perkier selection of items if you shop at premier online stores like Hush Style.

It’s tempting just to click and wait for your cardboard box to arrive at your doorstep. However, there is more to this deed, such as learning how to be a smart online shopper. That is, you ought to learn how to save money when shopping online. Here are some tips:

Don’t just hurry, but learn to wait. As much as you are eager to do it, don’t rush into clicking that “Complete My Order” button. Try waiting for two days or so because the seller might send you an extra discount email by then. The merchant could think that you need an added push so that you’ll conclude the transaction. Hence, they will sweeten the deal. It thus pays if you sign up for email alerts and wait for a while.

Coupons are worth searching for, so be wise in using them. People typically sign-up to get email offers. Along with doing so, you can search quickly in Google for digital coupons. These two combined can have you availing of a cheaper discount. When you order, type in the deal codes that slash off a certain percentage from the item. Then enter the codes that give discounts in dollars. You’ll be amazed at the difference these can make.

Know the best day of the week to shop. Companies usually know what they’re doing, and they did their homework when it comes to the right days to raise or lower their prices. Take advantage of this trend. If you want to shop for value on books, buy them on a Saturday. Jewellery is best shopped for on Wednesdays. The best day to shop for clothes is on Thursdays. You’ll be making your day if you make your order on the right day!

Take advantage of loyalty reward programs. Showing how loyal you are pays off in many ways, and in online shopping, too! If you’ve been shopping on the same online store, sign up for their loyalty reward program. This way, your points for gifts or discounts accumulate. Be wary though, and make sure that the loyalty system works for you instead of drawing you back.

Follow your favourite stores on social media. By all means, click the “like” button on their Facebook page, and they’ll be apt to send you sales alerts and coupons along with other goodies. Follow them on Twitter as well. Doing these is among the easiest ways to save money on your online shopping endeavour. You ought not to mind their pages showing on your newsfeed, though. Isn’t it perfectly okay because you enjoy them, anyway!

Saving on small discounts when shopping online may seem petty. Nevertheless, remember that they add up, especially with the hefty amount of purchasing that you do. In the long run, you can use your savings for Christmas or pay for your credit card. There are so many fab shops to choose from too!

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Last Update: Saturday, 22nd February 2020