If you’re a mum, at some stage you probably began to get the hang of planning ahead, time-management and preparing for rainy days. Trying to stay ahead of things and make sure that you have all of the essentials you need for your household and your kids can often result in you having more than you need. This could mean that you’ve got one too many baby bags for a ‘rainy day’, or an excessive number of unworn clothing items that are collecting dust. Whatever the case may be, unused items can turn into a nuisance with time as they become redundant and take up unnecessary space. That’s why this article will list four forms of clutter that you’re more than likely to have if you’re a mum.

Unworn Clothes

As mentioned previously, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’re a mum and have a house filled with unworn clothes. An example of this could be the drawers filled with post-maternity clothes you’ve been keeping for a few years for when you hopefully go back to your pre-baby size. On the other hand, these bags full of clothes may belong to your children and consist of clothes they’ve outgrown over the years. Either way, piles upon piles of clothes can take up a lot of valuable storage space, so it may be a good idea to decide how to part ways with the clothes. You could decide to follow in the footsteps of many other mums in the UK who have attempted to sell their second-hand baby clothes. As for your clothes, you could decide to do the same or give them to a second-hand shop for people who need them instead.

Baby Essentials

New mums are said to spend over £1,000 on baby essentials in anticipation of a new baby which is relatively pricey considering that most items will no longer be used in the years to come. Once your children outgrow some of these essentials, you’re often left with bulky items that no longer have any use. If you plan on having other children, one suggestion is to put them into storage until you’re ready to use them again in order to free up space at home. If you do happen to consider using this option, you could look at storage companies in the Leicester area such as Storage Giant to help with your storage needs. Otherwise, similar to clothes you could decide to sell them or give them away.

Faulty Items

As a mother, you’ve probably been the victim of an experiment that was carried out by your child which required plunging your phone into the toilet headfirst or using the TV as a goal post in a game of football. Whatever the case, it is likely that as a result, your home is filled with faulty items that you once upon a time had the intention of fixing. Instead of leaving them to clutter your house, why not consider selling them on or disposing of them altogether and counting your losses? Old and broken electronics and gadgets really serve no purpose in your home and that space could be used for more pressing storage needs.

Old Toys 

Most children seem to want to play with everything but their toys. If they’re not using your makeup brush as a duster around the house, then chances are it’s because they’re too busy creating a symphony with the pots and pans in the kitchen. As a result, over time you’ll probably find that you have an overwhelming number of toys that you’re tripping over. Considering that the UK is said to have the world’s second highest spend on toys for each child, the fact that your house maybe turning into a toy factory isn’t a surprise. To get rid of unused toys, you could decide to give them to children in need during the holiday season.

There are endless benefits of getting rid of clutter. Some of them include having more space in your home, which is definitely something you might find valuable if you have children. It also means you know exactly what you have and don’t end up buying things you don’t need. If you’ve been looking for ways of making a few extra pounds, this could also be an opportunity to do so. Whatever the case, with kids in the house, space is a luxury you can’t afford to waste.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 31st January 2018