The Num Noms glitter lipgloss truck

Isla was very lucky to be sent this Num Noms Glitter lipgloss truck. She absolutely loved it. So did Mummy. It’s a fabulous idea for Isla’s age – what better way to spend your time than making your own lip gloss. Different flavours and also some sparkly glitter to add to the mix. This is a great idea! 

In the box you get the truck which has the right slots and compartments to store all of the lipgloss making goodies. It comes with two flavours for your lipgloss too: bubblegum (blue) and cotton candy (pink). Isla enjoyed mixing these together to make a rather yummy smelling purple gloss. You also get a jar of glitter to shake into your lipgloss as you’re making it. You get enough base lipgloss to make 8 and you get 3 containers. So, make sure you keep the lid on the base lipgloss pot and you can make more as they run out. 

How to make your glitter lipgloss

The glitter lipgloss truck is perfectly equipped: you start off by taking out 1/8 of the base lipgloss and putting it into the mixing bowl with the spatula. Whip it up so it becomes more of a loose texture. (It looks a little like candle wax at the beginning). Add 6 drops of your preferred flavour and a sprinkling of glitter and give it a good mix again. When you have mixed it up enough you need to spoon it into the hole in the top of the truck and use the plunger to push it through into the container. It comes out like whipped ice cream – it’s really cute. 

It does get a little messy, as the lipgloss it quite sticky, but it’s fun messy! Isla made a pot of lipgloss for her Godmother and her best friend, then she went on to make her own. She is going to love making lipgloss for everyone over the next few weeks. We are going to have to find some empty containers. 

The one thing Isla struggled with was the flavour pots, she found it quite hard to squeeze out the flavourings, so she used her teeth. Wherever there is a will, there is a way – as they say! 

The glitter lipgloss truck 

The glitter lipgloss truck can be found on Amazon for £30. It is a great way to get the little ones into beauty products and explore how things are made. I suspect Isla will be making all kinds of things and making me buy the base lipgloss in bulk on my next online shop. 

I took so many photos it was really hard to choose my favourites, but I did round it down. Here is how to make the lipgloss in photos: 

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