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#12DaysofConstantChristmas Day 4 –  WaterBaby

#12DaysofConstantChristmas Day 4 – WaterBaby

Day 4 of the #12DaysofConstantChristmas competitions with MummyConstant and WaterBaby are giving one lucky winner the chance to win a box of the different flavours of WaterBaby folic acid pregnancy drink. WaterBaby is an everyday water drink and a new approach to pregnancy care. WaterBaby is fortified with the recommended daily intake of Folic Acid and a careful blend of supporting vitamins and minerals including Zinc and Calcium designed to provide a refreshing and palatable way to extra hydration and nutritional support during all stages of conception, pregnancy and breast-feeding.... VIEW the POST

WaterBaby… The everyday water drink with a twist!

WaterBaby… The everyday water drink with a twist!

WaterBaby is the everyday water drink that is full of the recommended daily vitamins for pregnant mummies-to-be; Folic Acid and a blend of vitamins Zinc and Calcium. The water is flavoured with a citrus hint, not too over powering as some citrus drinks can be and it is very refreshing, I love the taste; especially now the sun is starting to shine! I carry a bottle out with me everyday (well I will be until I run out and have to get some more), the bottles also come in very handy. Its the kind of drink that I would love to drink everyday, regardless of whether I was pregnant or not, I do not take tablets very well so its prefect as I get my Folic Acid the best way and its the tasty way. In 100ml the RDA% is: Folic Acid 40%, Vitamin B6 40%, Calcium 3%, Zinc 15%, ...