Fireman Sam electronic Pontypandy fire station

Fireman Sam’s fire station burned down in 2015 and he has a brand new one in the TV series. This new toy is the first one of this new fire station and replicates the one in the show. Noah loves the fact that he can play Fireman Sam just like the show. You can get this new set from  

This portable playset opens up to reveal lots of features such as a working lift and fireman’s pole, and double doors that open up. There’s a turn table, and even a vehicle maintenance ramp, as well as an electronic control desk with lights and sounds.


The kids had fun playing with the fire station door. They were making Fireman Sam jump from the door and then they had to save him. Isla loved the lift and kept getting Elvis to go up and down it. It was nice watching them play together with the fire station. They really got involved and worked together, you could hear them talking about how it looked like the real thing! 


The little characters that come with it are very real looking to – it looks like Elvis and Sam which is great. The kids instantly recognised them and it was funny Noah wondered how I knew who Elvis was. He looked surprised! The fire station is £39.99 and you can read all about it online at  


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