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If you would like to find out more about my social reach you can view my Pitch Pack, this also reflects my prices.  My social media reach is over 19,000 (a snippet of my channels are detailed below) and my readership is 84% women of which 45% are 25-34 years old. Please note the total social reach grows each day, this is a capture as of May 2017*

One of my campaigns, #12DaysofConstantChristmas reached over 160,000 twitter accounts and had over 370,000 impressions, as recorded on Keyhole:

This accounts for my Klout score of 68: 

What do you get? 

This is a tricky question to answer as it varies depending on the project or campaign. We sign up to particular campaigns that require specific actions – for example blog post and social media posts. On a normal review basis I will write a blog post review, including photographs and this will be published to Facebook and Twitter. If the product suits an Instagram post will also be created and mention the blog post, signposting readers to check it out. A vlog can be created, again if the product suits, this comes at an extra cost negotiated at the outset. 

I will carry out what ever was agreed with the brand/PR. If the product was sent to me without any discussion of what is to be covered, depending on value, the least that will be done is a blog post and social media content, including my own photography.

I can produce professional photography, using the DSLR, if the brand requires use of the photos. Otherwise photos will be taken using the Sony A5100 and iPhone. Videos will be created using the Sony A5100 and iPhone. I use MAC and iPhone apps to edit photos and videos, if you have any special requirements then please do let me know.

I can create a homepage banner to link to your post so that it remains on the homepage for a longer period, this will be done at an extra cost. 

If you have any other requirements, just ask… 

Brands we have worked with

We have worked with some amazing brands over the years, below are a few of our favourites:



If you would like to find out more about The Constants then check out our about page and to find out where you can find MummyConstant check out the press page. 

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