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In the run up to Mothering Sunday (Sunday the 18th March) I thought it would be a good idea to have some lovely “Mothers Day Competitions” to give all those Mummy’s out there a nice treat.

The first on my list is with the fabulous Busy Bee Candles and I am giving away a Wax Tart Burner and Wax Tart Selection, including the amazing scents;

  • Baby Powder
  • lime Cooler
  • Sun Kissed Raspberry
  • Spring Daffodil
  • Lavender Pillow
  • Coconut Rose
All you have to do is complete the following in the Rafflecopter entry list. (*Please Note, making a comment on this post is a requirement for the competition.) If the Rafflecopter box isnt working for you then please leave a comment on this post telling me that it is not working and also what your favourite memory of Mothers Day is?

The competition is open to UK residents only and is open for the period of 1 week, so you have plenty of time to add up those entry points. Prize approx ยฃ13.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and happy Mothers Day!

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  • I have an identical twin and every Mothers Day we would get up together and make Mum breakfast in bed ๐Ÿ™‚ Then we’d clean the house for her ๐Ÿ™‚ Still remember pretending to be ‘cleaning fairies’ at god-awful times in the morning!

  • Taking my mum breakfast in bed along with her cards and gifts. We’d all sit on her bed with her while she opened them.

  • I remeber vividly making a tulip card that they made on Blue Peter one year. It took me hours as I made it in total secrecy, but all my hard work paid off when I saw the delight on Mum’s face when she opened it! :0)

  • When i was young we always used to go to Sunday school at our local church around Mothers Day when they used to have special sessions for non Christians (like me!) and we used to make cards and get daffodils to give to our mums.
    Now i wait for my son to give me his own card he makes for me at school x

  • My own very first Mother’s day was very special. My son was only weeks old and my ‘ex’-fiance got a foot and hand print made for me from my little one! I still have it on display and he has just turned 8!

  • My favorite memory of mothers day, was 3 yrs ago when I was presented with a portrait of all my 5 children together, they range from 6 yrs to 26 yrs, and I was always moaning that I didn’t ave a descent photo of them altogether, so the older ones arranged a studio sitting for them all xxx

  • Last year my daughter gave me a handmade (by her) bracelet and earrings which meant more to me that diamonds as she had taken the time and trouble and made them with love.

  • My favorite memory of mothers aay is going shopping with my gran to pick a nice plant for my mum when I was 5.

  • My first mother’s day ever when my daughter was just three months old. My husband threw a lunch for me, my mum and his mum – it was wonderful to feel pampered for a day after all the sleepless nights!

  • My first ever mothers day just knowing that i was lucky enough to be a mummy and have a gorgeous little girl

  • I remeber vividly making a tulip card that they made on Blue Peter one year. It took me hours as I made it in total secrecy, but all my hard work paid off when I saw the delight on Mumโ€™s face when she opened it! :0)

  • My two daughters (aged 8 and 9) made me breakfast in bed and recorded me a message on a recordable teddy saying how much they loved me. We then went out on a lovely walk along the river thames and had lunch in a beautiful pub along the way.

  • cooking breakfast in bed with my baby sister and brother for my mum who was recently diagnosed with Crohns disease. Made a massive mess and loved it!!

  • I remember vividly, I must have been about 7 or 8, I had made a card for my mum for Mother’s Day with flowers on it but when my mum opened it all the flowers fell off onto the floor. I was so sad but my mum said she didn’t mind. It was only when I became a mum myself that I understood how my mum was feeling and how a homemade card and gift is so much more special

  • When I was about 13, my Mum cooked dinner and being a bit too eager, I ate a potato that was too hot and next thing I’d passed out and fell off my chair! I was only out a minute of so but a full episode of Eastenders ran through my head, about a fire at the car lot! It was crazy xx

  • Last year my little boy made me a card from him and his little brother who was still in Momma’s tummy. He insisted that his “tummy brother” had to help him so I had to sit there looking the other way with my fingers in my ears while they made the card together!!

  • All the Mothers Day Cards and poetry verses they have made at school for me. I have saved them all and will always cherish them

  • Making a card at school and cooking her breakfast in bed, she refused to eat it – ha ha ha… she loved the card though

  • Making my mum a pottery vase and giving it to her, complete with flowers. She was so happy, and the vase still has pride of place in her sitting room all these years later.

  • My favourite memory of Mother’s Day was my first one I celebrated with my boyfriend. My ex used to ignore the day altogether but my boyfriend took my daughter to buy me flowers and make me breakfast in bed. I felt totally spoiled!

  • I remember making Mothers Day cards at school with card and bright coloured tissue paper and giving it to me Mum on Mother’s Day along with a box of chocolate’s

  • My favourite memory of Mothers day is making my Mum a card. I chose to cut petals out of felt…she still has it!

  • going out for a mothers day meal with my mum, my nan and my daughter the mothers day before we lost my lovely Nan

  • Attempting to make my mum breakfast in bed. I had just turned 18 and got my drivers license. I realised we didn’t have enough eggs, so hopped in the car(in my pyjamas) with my younger brother, got to the 24 hour shop, sent him to go get the eggs while I waited in the car……He came back out and said he didn’t know which ones to get, so I had to go in the shop in my pyjamas, slippers and bed head and buy themself! I wasn’t impressed, but at least we laugh about these days.

  • The first time I had a card made for me by my wee girl was the most special Mother’s Day I ever had ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  • One year when i was about 10 I took my brothers across the road from our house to pick daffodils from the grass verges for my Mum while she was still in bed, we picked lots but a lady that watched us decided to complain to the council so we got into trouble when a man visited and spotted all the daffodils in a vase

  • 17th March 1996.
    My First Mothers Day
    My Mums First Grandmothers Day also her 50th Birthday.
    It was a big party ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My favourite memory was the first mother’s day I can remember, when I made my mum a sculpture at school for mother’s day. I still remember how happy she was when I gave it to her and how proud it made the 5 year old me feel to make her happy when she was the one who normally took care of me!

  • I love all my son’s presents but the cards they make are just great ! Breakfast in bed sounds a good idea too! Must remind them about that tradition ๐Ÿ™‚

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