This time next year…

I saw a few posts recently about some families getting ready for the new school term, the summer holidays are nearly over and everyone seems to be preparing for it: check lists and shopping lists!

It dawned on me only recently that my little man, who is not so little anymore, will be in the category of going to school this time next year. My little man will be preparing for his first days at big school, his first full weeks away from home and family, this time next year. Where has the time gone? How can it be next year already? How can I have a son who is going to school next year.
Is he a toddler now? He is four in a couple of months, where does that leave him? Small child? Toddler doesn’t seem right! Oh dear, he will be a school boy in a year! How did this happen? I’m sure I’m not the only parent to feel like this? I didn’t know he started in the September before his fifth birthday – when I realised I couldn’t believe that’s a year away! Seems too short. Seems so surreal. My little man is growing up!


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This time next year…

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