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Sunday 28th July 2013 “Missing Them” (209/365)

Today I nipped home to see the kiddies for a little while, they gave me the biggest hugs and smiles I've ever seen.

Saturday 27th July 2013 “Together” (208/365)

Today I've been with my family at St Johns, having long reminiscent conversations and laughing about our memories of the wonderful man that is Grandad.

Sunday 19th May 2013 "Pub Grub" (139/365)

Today we went to Kent to visit a little teeny princess, 4 month Eva and her lovely parents of course. We had a spontaneous lunch in a pub garden, which we never normally do so it was a nice change. I do think that next time we will make sure the garden has Noah facilities though (climbing frame, swing etc). He got a bit agitated with the high chair and just wanted to keep running around the garden...

Monday 13th May 2013 “Mini Sunshine Yellow” (133/365)

Isla Rae is a little mini Sunshine Yellow, she looked very cute today in one of her gorgeous birthday outfits.