The kiddies had a lot of fun playing in the bath today. Swimming pools are closed, it’s too cold to get outside in a paddling pool so we put our swimming costumes on and pretended!

The kids had loads of fun making sparkly bath water and foaming soap shapes with @kidsstuffcrazy products. It’s amazing how fun products like this can keep the kiddies entertained for hours.

They literally played in the bath for an hour. The water had gone cold by the time they got out. It was the perfect indoor fun activity, especially as it was wet outside today.

If you’re homeschooling and self isolating with young children why not make a fun bath and invite the kids to make a mess with whatever you have in the bathroom! We also tried to make our own bubble bath using washing up liquid and #citrus juice - it wasn’t a nice smell 😂 the kiddies will try again in the week.

You can get the Magical Sparkle bubble bath and Foaming Soap from Kids Stuff Crazy at @superdrug - check out my review on the blog. #linkinbio

#mummyphotoaday 🧼

The kiddies had a lot...

Today has been a busy day, but nice and chilled at the same time. We let the kiddies have iPad and Xbox time this morning; our homeschool doesn’t give out homework! They built some cool stuff in Minecraft and worked together. Which was nice to see.

After lunch we took a longer walk than in the week, across the river. This is a walking route that is direct from our doorstep and took us 90 minutes in total, part of our one exercise a day under lockdown rules. It was nice to get some fresh air and just talk about whatever comes into our heads. We spoke about a lot of random things. 7 & 9 year olds do come out with some funny comments. Noahs favourites are “would you rathers”. We got home and Daddy made a delicious roast dinner and I did a deep #clean in the bathroom. Then had a long hot bath!

No rush for any of these things as we seemingly have about 12 weeks of working at home and possibly months of homeschooling. I just hope we can have family over soon as we miss them all.


Today has been a busy...

I am running a day behind 🤦🏼‍♀️ I keep falling asleep and not posting my photos. I’ll catch up today... This is #fresh. Getting out in the fresh air has been a complete dream over the past week. When you’re told you can’t do something, it makes you want to do it more. Like when Hubby said we have to be careful about the food we eat, I wanted to eat it all!

This photo was the kiddies playing football with Daddy whilst I walked with them with the doggies. It’s something that’s becoming a habit after we finish homeschooling.

It’s a shame as Daddy normal gets out all of the time. On a typical Sunday he’ll go out for a 3 hour bike ride in the mornings. Possibly go swimming with the kids too. Walk the dogs with us later in the afternoon. I think this “1 exercise” rule will be effecting him more than anyone else I know. It’s also makes family decisions hard, if Daddy goes out on his bike he can’t walk with us. It’s very necessary with the lockdown rules. 
Just think how much we’ll all appreciate a long bike ride and driving to the beach for the day when all of this is over.


I am running a day...

Until tomorrow...

Until tomorrow...

I love Lush products, they smell good enough to eat (or #drink) and are amazing. They have a range of handmade soaps that come in all shapes and smells.

This particular soap is called “Parsley Porridge” and it’s packed with antibacterial tea tree infusion, antimicrobial fresh parsley and thyme. Crucially, it also contains fresh aloe gel which helps to soothe your hands and the anti-inflammatory fine ground oatmeal gently exfoliates your hands too.

It’s perfect at the moment, my hands are like reptile skin where I’ve washed them more than normal. This has helped to soothe them and my hands are starting to feel a lot softer.

All of the @lush soaps are self preserving. They are made with natural ingredients that keep the soap clean!

I have also got Karma (my absolute favourite smell) and Sea Vegetable. They all smell INCREDIBLE.

This is not an ad. I bought them all myself. I just think they are amazing products, the company has a good ethos and they even recycle their own pots in its own recycling plant!


I love Lush products, they...

I was so tired yesterday I completely forgot to post, so this is a capture from our Day 4! That sky is just unreal. I have loved the sun so much, it looks glorious. I think it’s definitely helped get me through the week.

I found it tough yesterday, I think because it’s just non stop. Parent... homeschooling... work... parent. I need to space things out a bit I think so I can chill in-between tasks. The same for the kids. They seemed irritable and frustrated yesterday too.

People keep telling me the kiddies will be home until September, which I really don’t understand. But if that’s the case I’m definitely going to have to consider using some of my annual leave so I can break the weeks up. I can get the kiddies involved in some #diy, and we can spend the day doing fun things together.

How are you finding the homeschooling  and working from home juggle?


I was so tired yesterday...

Its been lovely to get out and #walk after our homeschooling and working from home plans. I can imagine it would be quite a challenge if we couldn’t get out into the great outdoors.

It was especially nice to get out and make the most of the sunset. The sun has been glorious this week. It’s almost like Mother Nature knew we needed something positive and glorious to keep up our spirits.

Today has been quite stressful, I had to conduct 2 interviews and I was quite paranoid the kiddies would walk in half way through. Thankfully they didn’t! They have no idea what an interview is... 😂 Back to our normal homeschooling routine tomorrow. Phew!

How has everyone else got on today?


Its been lovely to get...

We had PE in the garden this morning, following @thebodycoach #PEWithJoe. It was beautifully sunny and the perfect weather to get outside.

Albeit our garden isn’t finished (Daddy has 1 more day of laying the slabs) and he’s building a flower bed against the fence so it looks prettier... our outside space made me #smile.

It’s amazing how it’s all coming together and how absolutely essential this space will be over the Spring and Summer!

My first day of homeschooling will the kiddies and I’ve had a blast. Haha. I’ve marked their work, said “well done” 9,999 times and managed to get 2 washing loads done!

I am sure this positivity will diminish over the next few weeks, but I’m going to try my best to not let it.

My tips: 📖 Mix up the tasks frequently 🐈 Include the pets 🏡 Get out in the garden as much as possible 💭 Have some quiet time, alone, if you can

Hubby & I are co-homeschooling and working from home. I do homeschooling until lunch then work, and vice versa. It’s going to be tough, as I know already we’ve squealed and been loud whilst Daddy’s been on the phone. But, THIS IS LIFE now and there’s absolutely no point getting worked up about it. 👊🏻 We can do this!


We had PE in the...

Play the credit card game to your advantage

It’s that bit of plastic which can often be a source of short-term temptation, and occasionally swell to a balance beyond the point of where we would like it to be. But credit cards are an ever present among Brits, with around 73% of adults in this country owning one, and around 250 million purchases being made on this type of card each month on our shores.

It’s a convenient but high-interest way of temporarily spending beyond your means, and there are an interesting mix of pros and cons to owning a credit card. One thing is sure – a credit card is a necessity. But it has the ability to be both something beneficial and destructive to your finances. The key is to use them smartly, and ensure that they end up helping, not hurting you.

The advantages of a credit card

A credit card is an essential tool, first and foremost, in building your credit rating. Using it each month, and then paying it off demonstrates your ability to handle debt, so when the time comes to apply for loans or mortgages, you’ll be in the pound seat to get a competitive rate of interest.

Credit cards also tend to come with some really useful perks these days, as the market becomes all the more competitive. Perhaps the pick of the bunch is the Amex Platinum Everyday Card, which offers an impressive 5% cashback on purchases made during the first three months. There are also plenty of others offering cashback deals, while it is now commonplace for credit card companies to be offering perks and freebies like travel insurance, vouchers and discounts.

Avoiding the traps

There is, of course, a reason these credit card providers offer such generous perks – they want you to spend lots of money with them so that they can fleece you with interest on your debt! APRs of around 20% are pretty standard, and those who simply make minimum and/or late payments each month are especially playing into the hands of these creditors, as costs really can rocket. It is thus absolutely crucial to ensure that you pay off your card each month in its entirety – and on time too.

Then again, this isn’t always possible, and I’m sure we’ve all had months where we’ve overshot the mark a bit – not least of all around Christmas! But there are ways around this which can minimise what you end up having to fork out in interest.

Many cards offer balance transfer deals, meaning if you transfer your balance from an existing card to one of theirs, you will pay zero (or very little) in interest and/or fees for a fixed period of time (usually three months). The key of course is to ensure that you pay the balance off in that time, otherwise you may need to continue switching until you have. But be wary, as a recent study suggests that over £1 billion is spent by Brits each year in unnecessary credit card interest as a result of mistakes relating to balance transfers. In addition, applying for lots of credit cards in a short space of time could impact negatively on your credit score.

The other option is to consolidate your existing credit card debt with a personal loan. This option will ultimately leave you with more affordable repayments than servicing credit card debt, and there is usually a degree of flexibility offered by online lenders in terms of structuring this repayment plan.

Making it work for you

Ultimately, using a credit card to your advantage simply requires a bit of nous and discipline, and avoiding the traps that could see you end up paying a whole lot more in interest than you should. Credit cards can undoubtedly be a force for good, as long as you keep your wits about you, and don’t fall foul to the pitfalls these companies tuck away into the fine print. This is a battle that can be easily won!


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Thursday 28 April 2016
Play the credit card game to your advantage

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