Crayola Scoot on Xbox One

This is a super fun and family friendly game, the whole family will enjoy playing together. Noah and Isla both really enjoy this, Isla has set up her character with purple, obviously, and really gets into the Xbox One game! If you like challenges and colour then Crayola Scoot is the game for you.

Playing the game

When you first start to play the game there is a brilliant tutorial that shows you how to play, what to do and how to do special tricks. Isla is learning these tricks every time she plays. She thinks it’s fab when she gets to do a jump in the air and earns points for tricks.

When in normal game mode, Isla has to zoom around the skatepark and complete challenges. So far they have been to get certain things hidden in the park, or splash purple paint everywhere and do certain tricks. She would be challenged to do 4 x a certain trick for example. You can activate traps and boosts by splashing your colour all over the skatepark. There is so much to do in the game.

You can do other challenges, like a 6 player team event. Each challenge will have different tasks to complete, over many skate parks across the world.

Setting up your character

Isla really enjoyed setting up her character, with her favourite colour. She can choose the look and style of her character and really enjoyed this part of the game. It personalises it to make the children want to play it even more – I think they believe they are inside the game!

You can watch the trailer for the game below:

This game has a really positive impact on your creativity, mood and wellbeing. Outright Games have really captured a fun game with Crayola Scoot and with an age limit of 3, it’s perfect for the younger ones too. You can buy it online for £17.49 on Amazon. I would love to know what you think of this game in the comments below.

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