How to add light into a dark room

A dull, dark space can often impact your mood, even on the brightest days. Fortunately, there are many clever tricks you can use to create a lighter, brighter space. Find out how to add some much-needed light into a dark room.

Play with Pendant Lengths

Pendants are an effective way of shining a light on a dark bedroom, kitchen or living room. We suggest varying the pendant lengths in a north-facing room to create a more layered lighting effect. It may also help to add a long and short pendant together next to a piece of furniture or feature mirror to maximize light.

Add a Floor Lamp

Add some light to a dark corner of a room and buy modern reading floor lamps. Not only can they become a statement piece within your interior design, but they will help create a lighter home that will boost your mood and complement your décor.

Paint a Room White

One of the easiest ways to brighten up a space is by painting a room white. To stop it from appearing too clinical or cold, you can add a touch of colour using your home’s accessories. Don’t allow a dark room to dampen your mood and add a splash of white onto one or more walls. You might be surprised by the difference it will make to a room.

Tear Down a Wall

Tearing down a non-structural wall is a great way to add light and space to a room. For instance, you could join the kitchen and dining area to create a large space to cook, dine and socialize. It can make a home appear much larger, and will ensure more natural light is emitted from at least two sides of the room.

Use Mirrors

Rooms that are little dull and dim may benefit from mirrors. We suggest hanging a large mirror opposite a window to reflect the natural light, which will create a bright room that appears much bigger. It’s also wise to avoid hanging a mirror in front of a closed door, as it can make a room appear darker and smaller.

Remove Tall Items from Windows

Tall items by the window can block a room’s natural light. Try to position any bookshelves, large plants or other large items away from the window, and possibly place them on the other side of the room to enjoy as much natural sunlight as possible.

Add Sheer White Curtains

Remove those dark, heavy curtains from the window, which can prevent sunlight from entering a room. You should then replace them with sheer white curtains that will make a big difference to your home. The colour will also allow you to create an elegant interior design, as it offers a clean style that can match various colour schemes.

Would you like to share any top tips for brightening up a dark room? Please feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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